Friday, October 8, 2010

Step back in Time 31 for 21 Day 8

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Today I want to slip back in time to when I first started this blog.  There are a few posts that I'd like to share that I'm pretty sure I posted before anyone even knew I had a blog.  I still feel like some of my original posts have been my best.  I had so many more issues floating around in my brain in those days. 

The first is what I had originally thought I would do as a them on Fridays.  Apparently this was my first and only edition of Friendship Friday.  Who knows it may make a comeback! 

Friendship Friday 1st Edition

The second is my post from October 1 2009.  This is still one of my favorites and I hope you enjoy it as well.

Down syndrome awareness Month


  1. Those were good ones!!! I LOVE the pics of Riley when he was a baby, he was such a butterball. So so so stinkin cute!!

  2. Great picks, Mar! You're getting 3 comments for the price of one today, you lucky lady. ( ;


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