Thursday, October 7, 2010

Mommy Guilt 31 for 21 Day 7

I had the fun of going out with some of the Special Moms this evening.  It is good for the soul to gather with friends to share and laugh.  I have been blessed with some amazing friendships that all started because of our common bond of extra chromosomes.  We always have a good laugh at the funny things are kids are up to and comparing how we each have lost the mother of the year award time and time again.  It really is an amazing group of moms that I call friends but we are all so hard on ourselves and our ability to deal with our kiddos.  Mommy guilt is a terrible terrible thing and I don't know a single mom that doesn't have it. 

My own mommy guilt comes in waves.  Some days it feels like its drowning me and other days I can ride the surf with it.   There is guilt because I work and can't spend enough time with the boys.  Guilt because I like to work and know that I"m a better mom because of it.  Guilt because at work I am thinking about the boys and not concentrating enough.  Guilt for over scheduling the boys activities.  Guilt because I could be doing more for them.  Seriously the list goes on and on. 

I would love to hear what other moms do to harness this guilt and use its power for good instead of evil.  What do you do to keep your self in the moment and not feel guilt over the past or worry about the future? This is a goal of mine that I'm trying really hard to work on and would love to hear from all the moms that I know read this and never leave comments.  Here is your chance to delurk yourselves and help me along this journey.  I want to hear from those of you who comment often to so don't think you are off the hook. 


  1. You know what I worry about? The days or moments when I totally drop the ball - what if this is the moment she's going to remember and it's going to wash out all our good stuff. At the end of the day, regardless of the patience I didn't have or ways I messed up, I know I'm never going to love another somebody the way I love her. I know everyday in many ways I show her that. So no matter how we roll, I can only pray that our love will see us through. So far, we get to start fresh everyday and that's pretty awesome.

  2. as you can see I am catching up and going backwards!! I try very hard to take that 30 seconds (the 30 it takes to process) and remind myself that it is okay to move a little slower sometimes. Things will work out, no need to be in such a rush all the time. Hard to do - especially during his "homework" or when the task is so simple. Chatting with fabulous friends always helps!!!! Don't know where I'd be without such fabulous friends!


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