Friday, October 29, 2010

31 for 21 Day 29

I only have two more days of this 31 for 21 challenge and I'm not feeling inspired.  I have lots of random thoughts but no really complete thoughts running through my mind.  Its been a rough week and its finally Friday.  I am ready to take my glass of wine and veg in front of the TV.    I'm hoping a good night's sleep and waking up knowing I get to spend the entire day with the boys will help shake this funk I'm in. 

I was hoping to share a video of Riley but since it seems that he has hidden my photo card there won't be new pictures until I find the magical place he stashed it.  I've checked the usual spots and not had success. I sure hope he out grows this need to hid things soon.  Tonight when I got home from work he decided it would be fun to hide himself in the fireplace.  In the 6 years we have lived here it has never had a fire in it but apparently we don't dust there either...  YUCK

Becca and Amy since I'm pretty sure you are the only people that read daily and leave comments I'll wish you two good night.  Take care of you and thank you for being dear friends.  The rest of you will get a shout out too...  just as soon as you delurk and leave a comment or two.  Love ya all!

PS...    Plain Gramma will be making a guest appearance before the 31 for 21 Challenge is over


  1. Good night dear friend! And thanks for the giggle picturing Riley in the fire place! Funny, funny boy. :)

  2. I've left a comment or two : ) That's pretty gross about the fireplace. Fun times : ) We did trick or treating at SGS today, I was remembering the year Ella and Riley did it....Ella was an angel and Ri a duck and he was in the wagon and she was pushing him. Never was there a cuter pair!!!

  3. Ah, the great hide...Good times. I forget which of Christine's kids is the master hider - I think Mak. On the flip side of the frustration of missing items, if I can't find something and she's been in my home, I can almost always call her and she'll give me some idea as to where to look. ( : Hiding himself in the fireplace? Inspired; I see a master hide-and-seeker in your future.
    Sorry I didn't get in before midnight, but I'm still on the 29th on Washington time, does that count? ( ; Craziness here, just got done frosting my goodies for the carnival tomorrow. Woo!

  4. I read them! Now you are forcing me to comment to defend myself!! You's is fabulous!!


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