Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Riley Adventures

I had Riley's teacher conference this afternoon and this kid leaves me shaking my head.  The speech therapist was there to share her update.  Apparently for the last year Riley has been referring to Mrs Knight as Night Night and now she has an intern that he addresses by tilting his head and saying Hey Stone.  Good thing Mrs Stone has a good sense of humour. 

Overall Riley is doing amazing.  I love the progress notes like "Riley can count to 30 if he doesn't think you are listening. When really asked to perform for the assessment he stopped at 10."

Another note was "Riley enjoys teaching his classmates" aka he is bossy.  Apparently with the short books that work on a specific sounds and have pages that read A is for Acorn... A is for Ant he enjoys correcting his friends if they get it incorrect.  He going to get smack by some sassy girl if he isn't careful. 

I know I've mentioned about 1000 times that I adore Riley's preschool teacher.  She pushes him so hard and loves him so much.  She completely understands how much he is capable of and doesn't except anything less.  With the end of the school year approaching and kindergarten in sight the kids are practising for kindergarten in "kindergarten club".  They are learning how reading group works, how to color more in the lines with more colors and how to follow lots and lots of multi step directions. 

Riley's biggest challenges continue to be his lack of independence.  If he can get someone else to do it for him he will.  Things like gathering his own backpack don't rate on his scale of importance and so he doesn't do them or at least no with out great protest.  These are going to be issues next Fall if we don't find his motivator to be independent.