Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Hurricane Riley

Riley has been doing so many great things lately. It is amazing to me to see him grow each day. Tonight we dropped Rex and Justin off at soccer practise and Riley and I took off to to run some errands. I pulled through McDonald's for a sweet tea, which is currently my new addiction thanks to Kacey, so Riley decides he want a drink. He is in the back saying please, please, please. When I ask him what he wants he signs drink. Then I say to him, Riley do you want a drink and he simply replies YES. I told him that we'd have to wait until we got to the store and he says K. I LOVE that he is starting to really communicate with us. He really understand a lot and if you ask enough questions and know the context of his words and signs he can really tell you a lot. I'm hoping that some day soon everyone will be able to understand him.

I need to get a video of him signing Wheels on the Bus. It is hysterical to watch him sign most of the verses, but the baby on the bus is the best. It drives me nut to watch him at school during circle time because I know he can do all the signs but he gets so excited watching the other kids and the teacher that he just watches and does a few signs.

A year ago at this time we took this picture of the boys together. Wow how they have both grown!!!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Soccer Soccer Soccer

Soccer is the game of choice for Rex. He started playing on a U6 team in the fall that my niece Krystal and her friend decided to coach for their senior project. He has loved every minute of it. These are pictures from this last Saturday's game. He has such a look of concentration and determination I love it. Gramma and Aunt Libby even came to cheer him on this weekend. Aunt Libby even sang her soccer cheer O Lay OLay............ when he scored a goal. His team has so much fun. All the kids have a great time and are just really nice kids. We got so lucky with this team and have enjoyed meeting the kids and their parents. We don't have any over competitive parents that are living their dreams through the kids unlike some of the other teams we have played. Though we do have some very athletic kids that are pretty competitive themselves. It is a great mix. We have all gotten along so well that one of the dads will be coaching the tball team that Rex and most of the other kids will be playing on after soccer is over.

Monday Mumbers

Pop on over and say hi to Kia the Good Enough Mama and possibly the funniest blog you'll ever read and then steal the button and join in the Mumbers fun.

640 the approximate number of skeletal muscles within the typical human according to wikipedia

640 the number of above mentioned muscles that hurt on my body today

1 the number of softball practises that I have attend for the new team the my friend Kacey convinced me to join with her

2.5 the number of hours that practise lasted

1 ACL reconstruction surgery that took place to repair my right knee after a basketball injury my senior year in high school

1994 the year I graduated from highschool

16 years since I last played softball

85 percent range of motion in that right knee after all the muscles have been abused and tighted up in protest of not being used on a regular basis

0 the amount of exercise that I get on a regular basis that doesn't involve chasing one of my children around

100% - how proud of myself I am for completing yesterday's practise and not quitting the team after getting out of bed this morning and having all of my muscles hurt

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Two weeks ago Justin went into get Riley out of his crib and found him with his leg up over the side of the rail. So obviously it was time for a toddler bed. He has adjusted really well which I find totally amazing. I was very fearful of having a two year old either roaming the house at 2am or banging on his bedroom door. He isn't quite tall enough to reach the door knobs and get them open though he gives it a good try. When we first got the bed put together Riley had to test it out and pose for a few pictures.

Last night I went in to check on him before I went to bed like I always do and this is what I found. Since he usually sits on his bottom and scoots off the side of the bed I can only assume that he was trying to escape and found that it was just too much effort and fell back asleep.

Snuggled back in for the night!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Random Tuesday


Kia has so much fun with this one I thought I'd give it a try. I guess she stole it from the Un MOM so go steal the button and give it a try. We can all be random together.

I never remember my dreams but lately I have been dreaming really vivid crazy dreams. Last night I had totally grow a old lady beard. Seriously it was so clear I was even at the hairdresser getting the wax done. This morning I was looking in my rear view mirror checking to make sure it was just a dream. I'm not going to look good as an old hairy lady.

My friend Kacey's little girl Ella Grace can say the word COCK and mean several different things. It can range between sock, truck and frog. It is one of the funnies things you have ever heard.

Several weeks ago when I posted pictures of my new furniture several people thought it was my real house but the picture was really of the furniture showroom. I stole it off the website. I just dream of a house that is perfectly clean, large and has plants in it that aren't dead.

My friend Angie and are easily distracted and jump from story to story in midcoversation. We joke that a shiny ball has distracted us. I'm not sure that anyone else things that we are as funny was we do when mid sentence we start laughing loudly and saying shiny balls - shiny balls! I think that is why I have love reading Kia's random posts and decided to give it a try.

My life has started revolve around the number of days that "aunt flo" has been here. We are over a month and still counting. Seriously - this is for the birds. Dr appointment tomorrow and she better be able to FIX me.

What is it about little boys and scratching their junk, weenus, penis, wee wee, pee pee or any other name you want to give it. It seems like at the most inappropriate time they either need to touch it or talk about it. Will it ever stop.

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Monday, April 20, 2009

Monday Mumbers

19 days since I last posted. Yes I know I'm a blogging loser.

70 degrees it reached today it SpoVegas

200 dollars I raised at my Pamper Your Piggy Party on Friday. What a great reason to sit around with girlfriends drinking, eating gossiping and soaking your feet. All that in the name of raising money for Cancer Research. If you don't know about the Relay for Life you should check it out. www.cancer.org - just so happens they sign my paycheck too

60 minutes spent outside after dinner enjoying the sunshine and playing with the boys

2 the size of Rex's new soccer cleats - the pair that rubbed his feet raw at the game this weekend were a 13. Oops I won't win mother of the year on that one. Good thing he can wear soccer cleats for baseball too.

918374 the number of amazing things Riley has done lately. He tried to climb out of his crib - leg over the edge and other leg off the mattress when dad found him. He is now in a toddler bed and actually stays in it during the night. He has learned to take his own shirt off, and is eating with a fork 90% of the time. And the best was when Rex and I were outside yesterday kicking the soccer ball around. I purposely didn't put shoes on Riley hoping he would stay on the steps and not try to venture out on the grass. So when I sat down next to him he starts saying please please and then he signs help shoes. He was totally telling me with multiple signs that he needed his shoes on. I can't believe how often he is actually stringing words or signs together to tell us things.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Woo Hoo

It arrived yesterday. I can't begin to explain how exciting it is to finally get grown up furniture that matches and everything. We have never really bought furniture of any kind, well besides our bed. It isn't like we still had our college furniture but still it wasn't great. My mom does have great taste and I do love her cast aways. :-)

So here are our new digs. The ottoman is coming in a few weeks but we have a nice comfy place to cuddle up and relax. Riley has already drooled on it to break it in.