Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Hero Worship 31 for 21 Day 13

The story is always better with Rex reads it to me!

Rex has super powers and when he uses them  he can get his little brother to do pretty much anything.  I think Rex has recently begun to appreciate and understand just how much Riley looks up to him.  From the day Riley was born he and Rex have always had a special bond.  It is truly amazing to me to watch them together.   Rex was the first to get Riley to smile and for a long time was the only person Riley would smile for.  Riley wants so badly to be big and to be able to do everything that Rex does.  It is such an amazing motivator for Riley and I think a large part of why he is doing so well with his physical development. Rex is truly an amazing big brother.  He is patient and kind but also doesn't baby Riley or let him get away with things.  He handles the hero worship well and truly loves every second with his little brother! 

We have recently discovered that Rex is quite excited to read to his brother.  When I told him it was time to read after dinner he hurried to get a book to read to that Riley would like.  I love that Rex is super excited to do things like this, that he is so proud of himself that he can teach Riley.  They have a beautiful relationship!

A while back a friend of mine did an series of articles on our family.  Here is a link to the part about Hurricane Riley's Big Brother Rex  Becca does a great job of summing up their relationship. 


  1. Love it! (And not just because you linked me up). ( ;

  2. My little one worships the bigger one and I love watching them together.


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