Thursday, October 14, 2010

Interview with Rex 31 for 21 Day 14

Tonight I decided to ask Rex some questions about Riley and what it is like to have a brother with Down syndrome.  I think you'll enjoy reading what he had to say.  Rex has such a sweet soul.  You loose track of it underneath the stinky potty humour and the wrestling.  He would rather have a ball of any sorts to kick or throw but he was super exited to sit down and read Riley a bedtime story tonight.  This boy just makes my heart swell with pride. 

What is Down syndrome?
Down syndrome means to me that they need a little extra time to learn things.  Like talking takes him longer and that's why he watches Singing Times to help him learn to talk and do sign language.

What do you think about having a brother with Down syndrome? 

I have so many ideas I need to pick one.  It makes me happy because I can read him books and help him learn to speak and ride bikes

What is the best thing about having Riley for a brother?

We get to wrestle so that I can help make him stronger.  We read books and play games.  I love playing with Riley.  The second best things is shooting hoops with him.  Almost everything is great about having Riley for a brother. 

What is the worst part about having a brother with Down syndrome?

That's a hard one.  He hits and kicks and bites and he tackles me.  There's not that much stuff that is bad about Riley.  Do you think that would be different if with a little brother that didn't have Down syndrome?  Just a tiny bit. 

What would you do if someone made fun of Riley?

I would say that is it is not funny to laugh at some one with Down syndrome.  It just takes a little bit longer for them to learn. 

How would it make you feel?

It would make feel sad.  I would be sad that someone was making fun of someone with Down syndrome. 

What would you tell a friend that was worried about having a brother with Down syndrome?

That its fine.  That he is just a regular person but it just takes a little longer for him to speak and walk and to potty train him. 


  1. Awwww, I LOVE it!! Rex is a GREAT big brother and Riley is so lucky to have him!!! Give Rex a big kiss for me, ha ha ha!

  2. Love this post! Rex is awesome! What great boys you have! -amy

  3. Great post! Rex is a great big brother - Riley is very lucky to have him! Very cute pictures too.

  4. Well melt my heart and make my heart ache! New favorite has officially been crowned! LOVE it!


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