Saturday, October 23, 2010

Big Brother Rex 31 for 21 Day 23

While this 31 for 21 challenge is in honor of Down syndrome awareness and often this blog focuses on Riley today we are going to change things up a bit.  Today we are going to focus on the Big Brother Rex part of the family.  In honor of Rex being an amazing big brother to a boy with an extra 21st chromosome.  I've never done a list of 21 things that Rex loves before.  Hope you enjoy!

  1.   Rex is my first born and made his entrance into the world two weeks early.  I had been having bad back pain all evening and had no clue that I was in labor until I had the big splash as I headed into a store. 
  2. Rex has always been super shy.  I can't even count how many play dates and birthday parties he sat with me and the grown ups because he was too nervous to go play. 
  3. Rex is really getting braver as he grows.  It is fun to watch him gain confidence in everything he does.
  4. Rex has been struggling with his asthma again.  I thought he was on the road to outgrowing it but the last 6 months has show me that it actually becoming more and more of an issue especially during sports. 
  5. Rex has a great sense of humour.  Too often its potty humor but still he is typically good for a laugh.
  6. Rex is loving the second grade and is doing really well.  He is coming into his own with his reading and really loves math.
  7. Rex would rather be kicking, throwing or catching any type of a ball than doing school stuff. 
  8. Rex is super coordinated when it comes to sports and is really fun to watch him put all the pieces of a game together.  He is getting to be a good little soccer play. 
  9. Rex loves to play goalie in soccer and catcher in baseball.  I wonder if he'll like linebacker when he tries football?
  10. Rex is a sensitive little man.  Last year we saw just how sensitive he is when he thought a friend didn't like the birthday gift he picked out for him and we had full blown tears.
  11. Rex is the greatest big brother to Riley.  He is very patient with him and lets Riley join in on most any game or activity. 
  12. Rex loves to ride his bike.  He learned to ride with out training wheels after a lot of hesitation and instantly started trying to pop wheelies.
  13. Our extended family has had a lot of loss in the last few months.  At one point when we were discussing my cousin going to live with Jesus Rex pumped his fist in the air like he had hit a home run and says how lucky Doug is that he gets to go live with Jesus. 
  14.  Rex loves music.  He and Justin play name that tune a lot.  Rex loves to try to play with me because he thinks its hysterical that I never know the name of a song or who sings it. 
  15. Rex thinks its wonderful that he is one of the bigger kids in his group.  He is weighing in just over 80 pounds and is 4'2.
  16. Rex loves to go to the shoe store.  He is loves to see how much his feet have grown.  I wish he wasn't in such a  hurry to be big. 
  17. Rex has always been a story teller.  An all time favorite is one where he told us that there were itty bitty monsters pulling at his hair while he slept. 
  18. Rex loves pizza.  His favorite is peperoni with black olives. 
  19. Rex is a daddy's boy.  He adores Justin and will do almost anything if Justin likes it.
  20. Rex is in his 2nd year of Cub scouts and is in the Wolf den.  He loves the time he gets to spend with Justin working on his scout projects.
  21. Rex is an amazing little man and it is fun to watch him grow.  He amazes me daily with ability to love and accept everyone around him. 


  1. And he has a great laugh! He is such a great friend to both of my boys. -amy

  2. 13 brought me instantly to tears. And I LOVE 17!


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