Monday, January 26, 2009


I forget the fancy word for this but you know how we are all supposed to have a twin out there somewhere. Well I found Riley's. A while back I posted about National Delurking Day and had a few people comment that I would have never ever ever know read my blog. I love to know where everyone is from and that at least a couple people check back and I haven't bored everyone freaked them out with my crazy un-PC humour. Anyway check out the Beans Blog and you too can see Riley's twin.

Friday, January 23, 2009


I'm guessing that this only happens in our house but the picture was too cute not to share. This evening we were getting ready for dinner and Rex and Justin were in the middle of a serious game of SORRY and all of a sudden poor lil Riley erupts and shares the cheese stick he had recently finished. New clothes for all and a bath for both Riley and my kitchen floor. Justin just can't resist making crazy hair for Riley when he is in the tub. After seeing this one I've decided it may just be time for his first hair cut. Thankfully he is just cuddly now and there have been no further eruptions from the poor little guy. By this age Rex was such an experienced puker that he not only had his own puke bucket but we believed him always when he said his tummy was sick. Thankfully Riley hasn't been sick like this but when it doesn't happen very often it is a very scary thing for the lil guys. Rex is such a nice big brother that he is loaning Riley his pucke bucket since he doesn't have is very own.

What do you think Kacey are his eyes big enough?

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Kibbe boys train for the WWF

As the boys had their nightly wrestling match tonight I thought I'd snag some video. After listening to Rex I think I know exactly why Riley talks the way he does. There seems to be a mandatory volume issue with Kibbe boys. We have a ton of family around the country and this video will give you all a taste of what a regular days is like for the boys. Enjoy

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Baths, jumping and missing teeth

What do those three things have in common you ask. Well I was able to capture them on video this evening between the two boys. We have been pretty busy around here lately. Rex lost his first two teeth. He actually pulled both his bottom front teeth on Monday. The teeth have been VERY loose for a while and even with an offer of cash from Kacey and Chris this weekend he was unwilling to pull them. I guess he realized when one of them turned around backward on its own that possibly it was time to give it that last tug. Well then about an hour later he gave the second one a tug so he could surprise his dad with two teeth when he returned home from work. Good thing they finally came out since the permanent teeth are both already on the way in.

Riley has been a busy too. He has been learning new words and signs. Though he doesn't like to share his progress with his speech therapist. I haven't head it yet but he said "I did it" and threw his hands in the air after he completed a task at school today. He has also been saying bath and down while signing them. It is all about context with Riley. Those two words sound very similar but have different signs with them and a slightly different wiggle to the tongue. Christina, aka Mary Poppins, keeps us well informed of Riley's accomplishments and I think is as excited as we are when he learns new skills. It is always fun to hear what he says or does for Christina and see if we can get him to repeat them for us.

Riley has also been "jumping". Well he has the motions now we have to catch air. The video doesn't do this activity justice but you get the basic idea. I had to include some video of the boys to keep Rebecca happy. Evidently I haven't been posting enough for her.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Wish it all away.....

Does anyone else have those times when you just want to wish it all way. I mean it all.....the stupid fight with your husband over who changes more diapers that is really about so much more, the extra trip to the Dr. for you kid that can't get a cold with out it going in to a sinus infection, and the job that makes you think to hard so your head hurts and makes all the rest seem worse than it is.

Some times it want to wish it all away and have a drama free day. I have been having one of those weeks and each day it seems like just one more thing and it all starts to pile up. As I wondered in the house this evening and was sorting through the mail I saw a new book sitting there with a stickie note on it.

My neighbor left a book titled The Mommy Diaries She left it in our box with a little note that says I came across this book and thought you might get a kick out of it. It's from MOPS (mothers of preschoolers) gee I wonder why I thought of you?

So thoughtful and sweet. It totally made my day and week for that matter.

We moved into our house about 4 years ago and have the best neighbors. This particular neighbor actually happens to have a son, Joe, that has Down syndrome. She and her husband have 3 kids and Joe the youngest is approximately 26. He actually also went to the Guild School and had one of the same teachers that Riley has. It has been so reassuring to me to see Joey and how much he is just part of the family. He has a love of music and we often see him in the driveway jamin out to his IPOD. His mom jokes that he might be the only person ever to get a walkman and an IPOD in the same Christmas. Joe has always been very friendly and we stop and chat when we see him outside but I think we really started paying close attention when I was pregnant with Riley and we found out he would have Ds. A 1000 times I wanted to say something, but never found a way. I didn't thinking yelling it over the fence was quite the way to share. Justin and I with our sick sense of humour joked about yelling over the fence to let them know we were getting ourselves one of them kids. When Scott and Teriann stopped over after Riley was born we shocked them with the news. Riley was still in the NICU so all we had was a picture to share. They in turned shared how the Dr.'s had told them after Joe was born, and it was just as terrible as you can picture it would be over 20 years ago. I am thankful that we have had Joe and his family next door to watch and learn from. It is wonderful to be reminded on a regular basis that it really will turn out OK.

I'm sure I'll always have those moments where I want to wish it all away but today was a good reminder that there is something/someone bigger than me, bigger that all of us that is watching out for us and making sure we have the strength and the tools to make it.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

National Delurking Day and a guest appearance

I was just over at Life with my Special K's and evidently yesterday was National delurking Day SO if you're here, lurking on my blog and never comment, or even if you're not a lurker and always comment, LEAVE ME A COMMENT! You know you want to :-)

For a special bonus I thought I'd share a few of the pictures of Santa and Mrs Clause aka Riley and Ella Grace - from Ella Grace with the Pretty Face. We held off on posting these because a few of their teachers/therapists read our blogs and we didn't want to spoil their Christmas gifts, but instead 6 feet of snow and an extend break from school did that for us. Hope you enjoy.

Come on let make a brake for it!

So Big!!

Ah Kisses

My lil dancer

I said Don't touch me.........Ah Riley get used to it.

So pretty!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The silver lining

Is it possible that we are still on Christmas vacation. Rex's school is closed yet again tomorrow. They were closed on Monday to give the snow plow crew enough time to ensure the school had enough access and were safe for the kids to return. Tuesday the entire city returns to school. Today we were closed again because of ICE. The snow has turned to rain and we have amazing melting but what it leaves is a puddle over a sheet of ice. Evidently that makes it to unsafe for kids to walk to school so the schools closed today and have announced that they will be closed again tomorrow.

So what is the silver lining you ask. My husband is off of work this week as well. The company he works for took a three week shut down over the holiday and he is not due to return to work until next Monday. While I have been a bit stressed over how were are going to balance our checkbook with an a partial unemployment check for Justin instead of a paycheck I am very glad that it isn't me that has to spend the third week couped up in the house with the boys. It has gone from too cold, too much snow and not too wet and slushy to do much of anything outside. The boys are going stir crazy and therefore drive us crazy as well. Today's activities include movies, napping and a quick trip to the dentist for the boys. When I arrived at home they were busy shooting the Nerf guns my mom gave all of us for Christmas. Justin came up with the great idea to tie dental floss to Rex's loose tooth and attach the other end to one of the Nerf bullets and shoot the tooth out. Who knows what tomorrow will bring.

The one bummer is that when the main school district is closed it means that Riley's school is closed as well. This will be the 4th week that he has missed between the snow and scheduled holiday closure.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Another Snowday

YIKES! All the schools in the area are closed and we have officially extended our vacation with yet another now day. In approximately the last 3 weeks the Spokane area has had over 63 inches of snow fall. Let me tell you that after about the first 12 winter wonderland was not a fitting description. The snow berms are officially taller than every vehicle on the road. The local news is reporting that snow plows can't even make it down some streets any longer because between the snow berms and any vehicles on the road there is no room for a plow to go. Not that there is anywhere left to push the snow because the sidewalks and yards are full. It is sad when we are all so excited to see a plow go by but then comes the dreaded re shoveling of the driveway (well at least for Justin) because that plow just pushed another foot of snow in the nice clear space that used to be your driveway. Even Walmart had to close for a couple of days because the roof is under such pressure from the heavy heavy snow. Kids can't build snowmen in the yard because they can't get through the snow that is now more than waist high for Rex.

Rex was bummed to hear that school was closed again. He is way past bored of his parents and trust me we are ready for him to head back to school as well. Since we are anticipating another 5-12 inches of new white stuff overnight the county sheriff has "strongly recommended" along withe the Mayor that all schools are closed. They say it is for the safety of the children since there are no sidewalks and kids would have to walk in middle of the road and because the berms are taller than most kids crossing the streets would be unsafe. All of this makes sense to me but they can't cancel school until the snow melts. How many more snow days will we have???

I'll have to take some more pictures tomorrow just to document this lovely snow land I live in. I'll post them just as soon as we unearth that wonderful little cord that connects my camera to the puter :-)