Thursday, October 21, 2010

Riley's list- 31 for 21 Day 21

Since its the 21st day of the 31 for 21 Challenge it seems like a perfect day for the list of 21 things we love about Riley.  You have find my previous lists here and here.  Once again Rex will be helping me with this list. 

1.  Riley has the most amazing laugh.  His giggle melts my heart daily. 

2.  Riley loves to shoot hoops with his big brother.

3.  Riley loves to eat.  His favorite thing to eat is is cheese. String, cottage, yellow, white he loves them all.

4.  Riley loves to draw...  and not on paper. 

5.  Riley likes to pray with us at dinner time.  He is getting pretty good at the sign of the cross.

6.  Riley loves to wear Rex's Halloween mask...  creepy Lil scary guy running around the house.

7.  Riley is doing great at school.  He loves to ride the bus to school.   Miss Mamy (Amy) Miss Jana, Miss Michelle and Miss Alice are some of his favorite people. 

8.  Riley loves to wrestle with Rex. 

9. Riley has a sense about when people really need a hug or a smile.  He seems drawn to those people who could really use some love.

10.  Riley loves his new babysitter Kristi.  He sings a funny little song about Timmy the Turtle with her that cracks me up.

11.  Riley loves to hide things.  I currently can't find the card reader thingy for the computer that has my memory card for the camera in it.  I know he put it somewhere safe. 

12.  Riley loves to hide himself.  He will crawl in the smallest space available to play and loves to hide under the sofa cushions. 

13.  Riley loves books.  He loves it the most when Rex reads to him. 

14.  Riley loves animals.  He loves the real kind and books with animal pictures.

15.  Riley loves the chickens at Gramma and Grampas house.  He cockadoodle doos at the roster. 

16.  Riley is super curious.  He has an amazing attention span when he is checking  things out.  When he is in a new place he likes to check everything out. 

17.  Riley is a huge Elmo, aka Melmo, fan.  He will sing a long and enjoys his friend big bird too!

18.  Riley can tell you the letters in his name.  Although he prefers if he doesn't think you can hear him.

19.  Riley can spot the gold arches a mile away.  Those darn french fries...

20.  Riley loves to sleep in Rex's bed.  Some days he wants to take his nap there too.

21.  Riley amazes us daily with how smart he is.  I wish he didn't always have to test us and his boundaries to demonstrate his skills. 


  1. Numbers 4 and 11 cracked me up!

  2. #4 made me laugh out loud too! And #9 is very apparent when someone is upset at school too, what a sweetheart you have. Riley is such a great little man and he melts my heart every day when he comes over to give me a hug good bye at school. Love him!


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