Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Moves! 31 for 21 Day 5

Some days you just have to dance!


  1. Love it and love him!!!! I took some video of Ella dancing the other day, after her eye appt, even uploaded it to onetruemedia, just too lazy to edit. One of these days they need to have a dance session together : )

  2. Shake that thing! I liked when he recognized the song and started singing.
    Try old Shirley Temple movies and old musicals, State Fair, Bye Bye Birdie, Oklahoma, etc. we've gone through several copies of these watching them over and over and over and over (okay maybe start with one!)

  3. So sweet!! That made me smile. Claire was dancing alone to Makenna's Kindermusic the yesterday and I was wishing I had made time to do that with her to before she got such a crazy schedule with school and therapy. I think we'll put her in a dance class when they can both do it together.

  4. Love being a lurker! Made my day!

  5. Oh my lord! He is so stinkin' cute! I definitely loved the tushy shaking - always a fan! ( :
    I so love it when kids start singing along, super cute! What a little muffin he is!


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