Thursday, May 24, 2012

Wild Wild Wild

While we were in Florida Justin's parents took us to Disney World for 4 days.  We hit each of the major parks and had a great time.  I'm still amazed at how amazing Riley was the entire time we were there.  We all had fun and were able to do so many fun things.  We carved out a little time for everyone to hit the big items our each of our lists. 

The first stop we made when we hit the park was to pick up Riley's Guest Assistance pass.  I wasn't so sure what all the talk was about but everyone we talked to about our trip suggested we get this pass to make the trip easier for Riley.  Disney certainly has amazing customer service.  This pass allowed us to use Riley's stroller as a wheelchair.  As we all know Riley can walk just fine so you're probably wondering why we needed him to have a wheelchair.  Let me tell you Disney World is amazingly HUGE and there is simply no way Riley could have done all that walking.  So this lovely pass allowed us to use his stroller to wheel him through the lines and places that strollers aren't typically allowed.  The stroller parking lots amazed me.  Hundreds and hundreds of strollers parked outside of rides and those parents hauling around hot, tired, crabby toddlers.  I am so very thankful that we didn't have to do that.  This lovely pass made Disney possible for Riley.  He was a champ for all 4 days. 

We spent one day in the Animal Kingdom.  We had fun on the safari and spotted lots of animals.  Riley is a huge animal fan so he had a great time spotting his favorites.  He loved the giraffes and elephants. 

We walked and walked and walked to make it to a big ride down a river.  We all climbed on this large river raft type thing and floated down the river.  We all managed to get totally soaking wet and had a blast.  As we wondered a bit to try to dry off we found we were in India and there were great street performers.  Riley loved them and share some of his own dance moves!

We also lunched with some pretty sweet guys!  They came to our table to say Hi to the boys and they both loved it!

Such a wonderful day in the Animal Kingdom!

Monday, May 21, 2012


Riley had a great year with soccer.  He had the same buddy this year and he loves Kasey.  This year the Eastern Washington University women's team hosted a tournament for the kids.  They have been involved in the program since it started and the girls volunteer to be buddies in each spring but this year was the first tournament.  They put so much work into it and really went all out for the kids.  The fields were lined and goals were up.  The coaches and players were all there to support these kiddos.  Even Swoop the mascot came out to support the kids. 

Riley was so excited to have his own game.  You watch MY GAME.  REX WATCH RILEY'S GAME!!!  That is what we heard all morning.  Riley has been to his share of Rex's games and now it was his turn.  He burned up most of his energy during warm ups but he still had a blast.  The kids ran and ran and ran and kicked the ball and ran some more.  So much fun to watch all the kids having a blast.  Riley was pretty sure everyone was there solely for him as the girls lined up for him to sign his shirt.  The child certainly doesn't have a confidence issue.  He had a hard time saying goodbye to Kasey and kept going back for just one more hug. 

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Chasing Waves

We had an amazing vacation to Florida.  4 days at Disney World and a great visit with the boys Great Gramma, Great Great Aunt, Great Uncle and Grandparents. I love that my kids will have memories of not only their grandparents but also their great gramma. 

I thought I'd start by sharing a few shots from the beach.  I'll tackle Disney on another post. 

Both boys loved the ocean.  We all had a ton of fun splashing in the waves.  It took Riley a bit to give up playing in the safe sand to come chase the waves but he loved it. 


Justin has great memories of his Uncle Roy taking him boogie boarding in Myrtle Beach so it was fitting that Roy joined us for a fun afternoon at the beach.  Rex had picked out a small board at Ron Jon's and was ready to hit the surf and even Riley wanted to get in on the action. 

Good thing he forgives quickly!

We are all ready to head back to the sun and sand.