Monday, October 18, 2010

Purple Thunder 31 for 21 Day 18

Rex has been know to tell me that he was born to play soccer.  This is his third year playing and he seems to be really enjoying it.  I love that he is learning about being part of a team, good sportsmanship and getting a ton of exercise. His basic skill level has improved so much each and every season.  They play both fall and spring and its fun to see the difference each time we start up again.  The boys are growing so much that the strength and coordination seems to increase overnight.  Rex seems to have a good understanding of the game and is really putting all the pieces together.  We couldn't ask for a better coach than we have this year.  It is a dad of one of the boys that Rex has played with all three years.  He is the perfect combination of enthusiasm and competitiveness.  Coach's main goal is for the kids to have a ton of fun but they are so busy having fun they don't even realize how much he has taught them about the fundamentals of the game.  They run hard at practise and love every minute of it.  The boys are learning about teamwork, respect and sportsmanship.  It has been a great experience for Rex and all of his team mates. 

All of the ways Rex is learning and growing keeps us motivated to take him to practise twice week.  The Saturday games are fun.  The excitment in the boys faces is priceless.  The last two weeks Rex has scored goals and he is so proud  he can hardly contain himself.  One boy this week scored three goals and I don't think he had scored yet this season so it was extra exciting.  The boys all get excited for each other too.  The high fives are big! You can watch the confindence grow each week with all of the boys.  It is amazing to watch!

The only flaw Rex can find it all of this is that his team got purple jersies.  I don't think its the shirts so much as the socks that put him over the edge.   Rex was less than impressed with the color but hasn't complained too much since the first sigh. 

Moving in...  I think we heard a story about this kids elbows on the car ride home

Making his move

The Purple Thunder team huddle

Last minute advise from Coach Dan

Rex's biggest fan wasn't so excited about the first cold weather of the season.

Uncle Trent and Trent Jr. cheering Rex on


  1. I love that, "he was born to play soccer." It just melts my heart that he's found a niche already. I can't believe how solid he looks! He's this big, grown up boy! Madness!

  2. My oldest is HUGE into soccer too!!! I'm not sure he'd be thrilled with purple uniforms either. LOL.

    By the way, are you in Canada? I noticed the Team Canada shirt the coach was wearing


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