Monday, June 21, 2010

So what color should I paint my living room?

It turns out that when a boy named Riley gets a hold of one of these......

A Category 5 Storm is not far behind!

Note:  These are 3 different circles...that's about 5 feet of wall

Note the detail in his work.  We had pizza for dinner and he didn't eat his so apparently he thought he'd decorate it.  I love that he drew on top of the pizza sauce container.  At least the marker came off the chair and the table cloth cost about 2bucks on clearance at Target.  I knew when I bought it that Riley's make messes on it and it would be one that I could just toss.  I sure didn't think it would be this kind of a mess.

At this point you are asking yourself how he got a marker and where were his parents?  Well the darling boy was supposed to be watching Elmo in his room.  We had moved him in Rex's room tonight since Rex has been having trouble going to bed and convinced us that having Riley in his room  would make it better since he'd have company.  Well Justin put a DVD on the computer and he was all snuggled in his bed like the king of the world and was quiet. 

Its not like Riley to be quiet enough for no one to notice him walking around.  So I'm not exactly sure how we both thought he was watching Elmo has he was creating his art.  He had to climb up to the kitchen table to the pizza sauce...  seriously not a peep.  What I'd really like to know is where he found a sharpie marker.  It isn't like we don't know him...we wouldn't just leave it out.  I can't even remember the last time I used or saw this marker. 

So to turn this lemon into lemonade.......what color should we redo our living room/dining room area in? 

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Family Tree

This last week Rex and Riley got a very cool lesson in their family tree.  They were able to spend almost 5 days with all the Gramma's on Justin's side of the family. The boy's  Gramma,  Great Gramma and Great Great Aunt Virgina arrived on scene Tues afternoon in time to make the first baseball game of the summer.  Riley thought it was great that he also rode in to the game in style.  Nothing like making an entrance on Great Gramma's walker.  I love that Rex will always have memories of this trip.  Great Gramma and Aunt Ginny won't just be someone in a photo album.  They will be real Gramma's that he loves and know.  The last time Rex saw Gramma Elsie he was about Riley age and he has some memory of it but not like he will of this visit. 
It was a great game and Rex had a nice little hit over second base. 

Then after the sunshine of the first afternoon the rain came and we spend a lot of time inside.  The boys played games, read books and were loved on by the Gramma's.

This was game of Chicken Foot that last the Gramma's swear that Rex won...the Gramma's whined a lot about how bad they lost.

Then Friday the sun came back out and Justin was able to take everyone to Manito park.  The toured Duncan Gardens, The Japanese Garden and the kids ran. 

What a great visit we had.  Now the Gramma's are onto Seattle to visit the rest of the Great Grandchildren. 

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Love Revolution

My friend Stacy needs our help.  Stacy had the privilege of living with Justin and I during college.  I figure I owe her a little something for putting up with us back then.  Stacy has posted an audition video in an effort to win her own talk show on Oprah's new network.  Sounds fun doesn't it.  Below you will find a little bit about the show that Stacy is pitching.  I think everyone that reads this blog would have to agree that our family and children are the most important people and work we do.  Here is your chance to do something easy to help a whole lot of children.  Just think what families can do with a little support.  So please please please follow the link below and vote to give kids a little support. 

The Love Revolution is a talk show promoting healthy family relationships through love based approaches. So many parents and caregivers need more support and resources to raise their children. Join the Love Revolution to help bring these resources to life. Every episode will include practical applications in real-life situations from experts in the children's health field. Topics may include: grandparents raising grandkids, raising a child with severe mental illness, parenting the traumatized child, attachment and bonding with your baby, and the power of play at all ages. We must counteract negative stigmas and duplicate the positive energy that goes into parenting millions of our children. Join The Love Revolution and VOTE today! Thanks!

Monday, June 14, 2010

School's Out....and the party we call summer begins!

I sent the camera to school with Riley in hopes of having his teacher capture some pictures so we could make a school picture book for Riley.  I'd like him to remember his classroom and teachers during the summer in hopes of a smooth transition back to school in the fall.  I'll let the pictures tell the story of the last few days. 


Not really sure what he wants but you can tell he is working for something.

Seriously teacher whats with the camera I thought I was safe from that thing at school.

Riley loves story time!  Books Books Books

       But I don't want to share!  All mine!

Our favorite teacher Miss Michelle!  This women is amazing.  Riley has made so much progress during his time in preschool.  Its hard to wrap my brain around all he has learned since starting on Nov 30.  To bad Riley wouldn't look at me. 

Riley is so lucky to have adults in his classroom that love him and make him work.  Its such a great combination!  When I picked Riley up on the last day of school the teachers all had hugs for him.  We dropped a small gift off for the bus driver and the helper and they just went on and on about Riley.  It makes a mom feel so good that her baby has such loving people watching out for him when he is away from home. 
The boys on the last day of school June 2010

Rex worked hard making his pencil vase for his teacher's flowers that he picked out. 

He was very excited to give the flowers to Miss Vogel.  Thanks to a good tip from Traci we also gave her a copy of Miss Spitzers Garden.  If you haven't checked out this children's book you really should.  Its a perfect teacher gift. 

When we arrived in his buddy classroom to drop Rex off for all school Mass we discovered one of his best buddies Caden was the only other 1st grader waiting with Miss Vogel.  Rex was excited when they arrived over at church and discovered they would be able to sit by his other buddies Matthew, Jacob and John Paul.  These boys lined up to give Miss Vogel hugs before they left for summer vacation. that my son is so loved at school!

We hadn't had quite enough fun on the last day of school so we headed out to Davenport to the Relay for Life.  My mom chaired the event again this year and it was a huge success!  The boys had a blast.  Riley rand 6 laps all by himself plus all the running and playing on the playground equipment he did.  He was stopping for a juice break when I caught this picture.

Stopping for loves from Gramma.

As you can see we have been having a busy start to the summer.  Love it!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Crazy I Know

OK I'll say it...  I am feeling very anxious about summer with Riley this year.  We have joked that Riley had been therapized.  OK for those of you who don't speak "Mary" and may not haul your kids to therapy multiple times a week from the time they were infants  therapized is the ability of a kid to know how to respond to a  situation only because they have been going to therapy of some sort multiple times  a week for their entire life and don't know anything else.  Anyway,  I too have been therapized when it comes to Riley.  Riley started at the Spokane Guild school when he was 10 weeks old. That's approximately 250 therapy sessions that we have been to over the last three years.  Its what we do.  That doesn't even count the fact that he has been in preschool 4 days a week for the last 6 months.  We have 2 days of school left and Riley's schedule goes from 5 days a week of preschool and or therapy to two secessions a week.  One OT appointment on Monday mornings and one speech appointment on Fridays.  I know that I'll settle into this lovely relaxing schedule but I am having some anxiety about it all.  Riley is making so much progress at school it seems crazy to stop.  I know we aren't really stopping but somehow our work at home seems so very different to me than going to school.   I don't want to slow the momentum Riley has going. 

I'm sure we will have a ton of laughs no matter what activities we spend our time doing this summer.  Riley works so hard to be like Rex that I'm sure we will spend lots of time playing ball and reading books.  Riley loves when Rex reads to him...almost has much as he enjoys Big Bird these days. 

Lately when I have these crazy anxiety issues over silly things I try to focus on all that Riley does and I know that he will continue to add skills.  I can't even tell you how many times I have watched this video and laughed.  That laugh gives me great confidence in Riley's future.  Riley was singing to the bus driver and by the time they made it home the driver was in tears of laughter.  Riley was singing Lollipop.  LALALALA POP!!!  I tried to have him repeat for me when I got home since he was so full of it but you'll just have to watch to see how he performed for me.  I'm a firm believer that laughter is good for the soul so I hope you laugh loudly while sitting in front of your computer!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Wolf in the Pack

Saturday we had the end of the year Pack picnic for the Cub scouts.  They started the program by bringing all of the summer birthdays to the front so we could sing.  Mr. Enthusiasm himself stood there while we sang.  Love this kids excitement!

The tigers were brought up to Bridge over to the next level. They had to recite the pledge and the cub scout promise.   
I Rex Kibbe promise to do my best
To do my duty to God and my country,

To help other people, and

To obey the Law of the Pack.

The kids had to walk across the bridge, stop salute the Pack leader and then cross over to receive the new Wolf book and neckerchief and slide.  Rex was super excited about all of this.  He wanted the new gear on immediately.  When we got home he took his new Wolf manual downstairs to read over.  He wanted to check it all out.   Justin will have a bigger role in the Wolf Den as well.  I think he is going to volunteer to replace the Den mother who is moving out of our school.  That should be a fun adventure for the family.  Rex will be super exited if it all works out.  I wonder if it will be as cool as when Justin was his t-ball coach???

Justin and I are so proud of Rex for completing his Tiger year.  He worked are to finish all of the activities and had a ton of fun with his Pinewood Derby.  I love all that the Scouts promise to teach him as he grows.  I hope it is something that he continues to enjoy.   It is such a nice balance to all the sports he loves to play. 

Way to Go Rex!!!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Its Official.........

Its Official I'm playing along with Elasta Mom today.  If you haven't checked out her blog you are missing out.  Her blog is honest and real and guaranteed to make you cry and laugh on a daily basis.

Its Official Hurricane Riley is not retiring from the blog world.  I just needed to revisit why I started the blog in the first place and that remind myself that its really for me and it really doesn't matter if anyone else reads it or not. 

Its Official that school is out for the summer next week for both boys.  Thankfully both school districts are out at the same time.  Lets keep our fingers crossed that they keep similar holiday schedules next year. 

Its Official that I'm taking a leadership class at work...  The book we are reading is call Fierce Conversations I will keep you posted on how Fierce I've become. 

Its Official that Memorial Weekend was great.  We were able to visit college friends with no kiddos.  Rex had so much fun with his friend at the lake that he didn't really want to come home.  My friends official thought I was crazy for letting him spend 3 nights away with a buddy but I officially don't care.  If you saw how excited he was and listened to how much fun they had you'd let him go too.  Riley had a great time with Gramma and Grampa and they weren't to exhausted by the time we picked up the Hurricane.

Its Official that you need to leave a comment and let me know you stopped by!

Psst...Tiffany I got myself a hottie too ;-)