Thursday, December 16, 2010

Starring Hurricane Riley

Riley had a busy busy day to day.  The schedule of two preschool classes typically is very smooth, but some times it is a bit much even for Hurricane Riley.  He started off the morning as the Little Drummer Boy in the Nativity themed performance at all Saints.  This afternoon he starred as the mouse in the the story retelling of The Mitten.  He did great in both and overall had a great day.  By the time we left afternoon preschool there were some growls and a less than cooperative photos but overall a huge SUCCESS!! 

A couple notes as you view the photos and video from today.  As the drummer boy he had a perfect escape when he didn't feel like singing.  He had some moments where he needed to rest but came back strong with an animal song.  I'll apologise now for the shaking of the camera and yes that is me giggling.  You can hear that better than the kids but hey they were nervous.  One of my favorite moments was when Riley realized that we were in the crowd and he yells GRRAMMA!  I'm bummed that I wasn't videoing at that moment. In the afternoon he was equally excited to see GramPA and Rex.  Its hard to have an entire fan club show up to preschool and not be a bit distracted. 

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Come on say WOW!

Apparently having a 4 year old in the house brings shoulder shrugging and eye rolling.  Seriously tonight  we would ask him to do something and we get the reaction you'd expect from Rex.  4 might be an adjustment for Riley.  I love to see him exerting his independence and communicating with us all the time but wow cut mom some slack little man!

He has had a great week at school and continues to amaze me.  Today the magic notebook that comes home from afternoon preschool tells us that he worked with the Speech therapist today.  While with her did an exercise where he did a story re-tell by using a felt board and labeling the pictures.  Go on say it  you know you want to...  WOW.  Gramma, the teacher, reminds me what a huge pre-reading skill that is.  Indeed it is!

So as long as I'm bragging about Riley... its therapeutic you know.  So really I have to blog for my own mental health.  Anyway this last week while my family gathered for Thanksgiving my mom had given Riley this great wooden truck to play with.  It had six barrels on the back each in a different color.  Riley sat with my sister in law Libby, Aunt Bibby as Riley calls her, and was showing off how well he knew the colors.  Then Libby would distract him and take a barrel.  Riley would sit and process and go thru the colors and then look at her and demand the missing barrel by color.  He could actually process which barrel was missing and asking for it.   Say it with me now... WOW!

Hello people I'm ready!

Cheesing it up with Gramma aka me mah