Sunday, October 25, 2009

21 Fun Facts about Riley

Get It Down; 31 for 21

The 31 for 21 Challenge wouldn't be complete without at least one list of 21.  A year ago I wrote a list of 21 Things about many of those fun things are still true he's just more advanced at them.  You can find the orginal post HERE.  Hope you enjoy!

1.  Riley is using moving at high speed.  He rarely slows down but you know he really wants to "run" when he throws his shoulders back and his arms pump.

2. Riley idolizes his big brother.  When Rex is gone he misses him and yells for BUBBA when Rex come through the front door. 

3.  Idolizing Rex has helped Riley learn to do many things.  He wants to sit on his trike when Rex rides his bide,  he try to copy Rex jumping.  Who would have thought that being a copy cat would serve him so weel.

4.  Riley is starting to really love puzzels.  He has a colored peg stacking toy that he puts the pieces on the matching colored shapes on the colored pegs.  DON"T try to put them on the wrong colored peg......Riley will tell you about it. 

5.  Riley smiles the majority of the time but he sure lets you know when he doesn't like what you are doing.  He'll break your heart with the silent cry or covering up his face to show you that he doesn't want to see you. 

6.  Riley is able to kick a soccer ball and I'm considering putting him in soccer tots.  Wouldn't that be the cutest thing ever!

7.  Riley will count to 3 with help.  He is good at repeating but often we get two and three all by himself. 

8.  Riley' melts your heart with his big brown eyes and then keeps it with his laugh.

9.  Riley turns 3 on November 30th but is the size of a typical 12-18th month old.  The majority of clothes are 18 month...  cost effective but SO boring to shop for. 

10.  Riley loves music.  He has several songs that he signs with but Twinkle Twinkle is a favority and he sings along. 

11.  Riley's only interest in TV are Signing Times videos.  He has a huge signing vocabulary.  I bet he is around 100 signs.  Now if only I new that many. 

12.  Riley loves people.  He is one of the most amazingly social kiddos I've ever been around. 

13.  I think Riley will have a career in music or some type of performance.  He loves all music and is often found "shakin his bootie"

14.  Riley loves food.  In his toddler class he now sits next to the little boy with food aversions.  He is the peer model for good eating skills.  Ya,  my kid is the class pig. 

15.  Riley is learning to jump.  He screams for MOOOM to watch and then yells UMP UMP while stomping one leg.  He can't quite get both legs up but he knows they should come off the ground.  It is hysterical.  Won't be long before he is a jumping fool. 

16.  Riley loves books.  Especially the touch and feel books. 

17.  Riley is going to be a Tiger for Halloween this year.  Last year he was a duck.  He couldn't walk yet so his super cute costume was wasted in the stroller.  Watch out folks he walks this year and I think he's going to love trick er treaing.

18.  When Riley gets scolded or told no if he doesn't hide his face and try to make you go away he attempts to make you laugh.  He uses all the tricks and squishy faces he can muster to try to make you laugh so you'll forget why you were telling him no. 

19.  When we go to my mom and dads Riley walks in the house and starts yelling for PA.  He's still a bit casious of my dad but he loves his Gramma and PA. 

20.  One of his favorite things he does at PA's house is visiting the chickens.  He often stands at the fence and "talks" to the rooster.    DOODLE DOO DOODLE DOO

21.  Riley is an amazing lil guy that is going to change people's perception of Down syndrome.  He will make them acknowledge him and tell him how cute he is even if they don't want too.  He is knows to say hi to every one we see and if they don't talk back to him he just keeps talking and getting louder and louder until they have to acknowledge him.  Hysterical!!!


  1. AWESOME!!!! and very cute pictures:)

  2. I loved reading this list and learning more about Riley. What an amazing little boy you have!

    I loved the pictures too. He is just so cute!

  3. That duck costume was SO cute!!Can't wait to see pictures for his Tigger costume.

    ~Leyna (I think I'm using Derek's account!)

  4. So cute! Can't wait to see this year's pics!! Riley is awesome!! And so are you. :)


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