Tuesday, March 17, 2009

WOW - I want to know what you think about this topic!

OK this article that my darling husband sent to me today has a total YUCK factor for me and I wanted to see how others reacted to it. This mother is advertising for a girlfriend for her adopted son that has Down syndrome. She wants him to enjoy sex since other young adults are.


I feel like she should be teaching him to have mature loving relationships and not be so concerned about the physical act of sex. As a mom I want both of my boys to understand love and have healthy relationships. It is my job to teach them about healthy relationships and how to be safe and what all of the different aspects to a relationship are. Not knowing this young man I don't know what his emotional maturity is but it is very likely that he can't even truly understand all the pieces to a relationship that lead it to becoming sexual. There is so much more involved that I just want to shake this lady.

Anyway I'll get off my soapbox but I want to hear what everyone else things of this. Good - bad or otherwise I think it will be interesting to hear what your thoughts are.


  1. This is Joyce. As one of the few bloggers out here of a young woman old enough for this to be a real timely issue, I feel the yuk factor also. I too want for Sarah what many - note: NOT ALL - twenty somethings have, a warm, meaningful relationship with a special someone, but to go to the extreme of hiring a prostitue? Hmmm, not sitting well with me...but something to ponder for a few days I suppose.

  2. My first reaction was "WHOA!" but I also see where the Mom is coming from...I would, too, like Olivia to experience love and making love...but I think I've talked myself into the fact that she won't know what she's missing?? I would never hire a prostitute...but I would help my kids find significant others in anyway that I could. Interesting! Where on Earth did you find this story? :)

  3. My husband agrees with Joyce...he needs to ponder it for a while...interesting!

  4. I feel the yuck factor too. First, if someone is not able to understand the full aspect of relationships and emotions, throwing your child into such a situation could be emotionally damaging than a positive experience for them. That's my thoughts.

  5. Good grief, it is very high on the yuk factor. gramma

  6. Hi I am Danielle,
    I myself do not have an down syndrome child however I am blessed to have 3 Children of my own and are all boy's but also want to teach them that a healthy ,loving respectful,two way relationships far more important than sex any given day and when they are married they can have a healthy sexual relationship then. Maybe I am not realistic but very HOPEFULL!! Thanks for listening.
    Mom of #3


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