Saturday, October 18, 2014

Pudge and Biggs: What Fuels the Helicopter?

Tonight I was trying to gain some inspiration for my 31 for 21 post and stopped to read of a few of my favorites.  The mom that writes this blog below is hysterical and real.  Her life is chaotic and she paints the story beautifully.  This particular post really hit home with me.  I think its a great read for all my teacher friends.  Just a little something to file away as you deal with IEPs for kiddos in your classrooms.

Pudge and Biggs: What Fuels the Helicopter?: Recently, I've been fielding a few emails from parents who are faced with the task of writing their child's first IEP or working to ...

Tune in tomorrow.  I have some good Riley stories to share.

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