Saturday, October 11, 2014

Changing Scenery

Friday morning we were all excited for the changing scenery in the neighborhood.  Our neighbors to the west were having a tree removed and we got a good deal by having them take ours as at the same time. was supposed to be at the same time.   Friday came and went and the neighbors tree was most of the way done but our hasn't been touched  Saturday the guys showed up and finished up the neighbors tree and the wind was blowing so ours was a no go.  They are hopeful for tomorrow but I'm not so sure the wind is going to allow it.  Eventually the tree by our garage will be gone.  I thought the entire process was pretty cool  I'm obviously failing my boys some how.  They were perfectly content to ignore the noise outside.   Seriously shouldn't this be right up there with police and fireman as far as cool stuff for little boys.  

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