Thursday, October 9, 2014

Ladies Man

I'm posting the pictures below from last year's challenge.  Don't be sad I have a Rilyism for you.  Riley's resource teacher shared a few good stories from this week.  I know Riley is starting to bond more and more with these ladies because he is starting to share his hysterical sense of humor and hysterical stories.  

 Earlier this week he was telling his resource teacher that I was really upset with him because he wasn't playing nice with Ella....  and I was crying because he might marry someone other than Ella. 

 This kid cracks me up.  He is a gifted story teller and possibly he has learned of his arranged marriage to Ella.  He has proposed to a lot of ladies recently.  He got down on one knee to ask his speech therapist "wanna marry me"   He recently announced to his sweet friend Kaityln that "you my girl....kiss me".  Quite the ladies man I'm raising.  I blame Disney.  

31 for 21 2013

I think every parents dream is for their kids to have good friends. Riley and Ella have a very special bond and it goes much deeper than the extra chromosome.  We joke often that they have an arranged marriage. Who knows what the future holds but we do that these two have more personality than most and it is hysterical to watch them grow up together. 

 I found this video that Kacey took of Ella's last day at the Guild School so Ella would have been turning 3 and Riley is just 3 months behind her. I got to giggling so I had to share. We have just a few pictures of these two over the years.  

Sept 2014

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