Friday, October 31, 2014

Greatest Hits

You didn't think I was going to waste your homework did you? I think the list of 21 is the perfect way to wrap up this long month of 31 for 21 Challenge. While tomorrow we all move on to other awareness months and the next challenge in our world Riley doesn't get to slip off Down syndrome. He works through those challenges on a daily basis. Sometimes he's so good at dealing with the challenges we all forget there are any but some days he wears them like a badge of honor and the entire world is going to know he's having a hard time.
Thank you to all of you who have been reading along and who always support Riley and our family. It truly does take a village and man are we lucky to have such a huge and amazing village.  Typing up this list has me totally laughing down memory lane.  He has made you all do some funny things or said some hysterical things to you.  I feel like this entire month has been a Riley's greatest hits countdown and he is certainly a funny funny boy.  
Here is the 2014 List of 21 Fun Riley Memories

  •  Riley loves people and really loves names and connecting people by family. I can't count how many people have comment how much they love that overtime they see him he says hi - you Jake's mom or you Johnie's dad. 
  • I remember Riley saying "you my teacher !" even when I was just a substitute. But my favorite thing to do with Riley was race with him to line from recess ! I also loved reading with him in Monica's room ! Miss his smiling face!
  • One of my favorites is when I walked into the football game and he yelled, "Hi Liz! You wanna sit with me? (Pause) I have M&M's....." Nothing like a chocolate bribe
  •  His love, kindness and compassion for everyone he meets. The weaker the person the larger Riley's heart grew to envelope them in ways.
  • The smile on my face when he wanted to play let's make a deal to avoid work.
  •  The teacher is nice - lies!
  •  Hearing aids in the toilet, in the sink, in his pocket.
  • OMG you stink!
  • "Sarah wipe my butt!, Sarah wipe my butt!"
  • Chasing him through knee deep snow, while wearing shoes, so he could hide up behind Mary. After hauling him down, he informs me his socks are wet!
  •  Eyes on You Cranky!
  • Watching him knock on the door to the chicken coup asking if they were home. 
  • When he was the Little Drummer Boy in preschool and he spotted me in the audience and yelled "GRAMMA"
  • I love the times he has demanded I come to his room to read books. 
  • He is the only one who can swim vertically with his eyes wide open even under water! 
  • This last summer when we visited Riley and I were home alone and Riley convinced me to jump on the trampoline. I have no idea what possessed me but as you know Riley is convincing. It's a lot harder than I remember but maybe it has something to do with being 63! Anyway I landed a bit hard and Riley stopped jumping, looked concerned and asked, " Gramma are you alright?" 
  • Watching him squeeze under the church pews and kneelers to sit with the Kelly Family.
  • How he called Eva EBA for so long. 
  • How gentle he is now with Colin
  • How he took Kaitlyn on a date and brought her flowers.
  • I really love what he taught me and that he has brought you into my life as a friend.

I certainly am constantly learning from Riley.  Sometimes I am a better student than others.  Riley has brought some amazing people into our world.  I am a better person for the friendships I have.  

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