Friday, October 2, 2015

Groups of......FRIENDS

After the train wreck of 2nd grade everyday is still a bit shocking to me that Riley is having such a great start to 3rd grade.   I have been excited that he has homework.  Its similar to the other kids... but not the same.  It is perfect for Riley and he actually loves it.  He has done a complete turn on me and is absolutely loving math.  Not sure what happened with that but we are just rolling with it.  He picked math to do first each evening this week.  He is working on multiplication concepts.  He can read a simple equation and tells you that 4 x 5 =        is  4 groups of 5.  Then he draws his boxes in his groups and counts the total.  I may have thought his special ed teacher was crazy when she suggested that he had the beginning concepts of multiplication.  Good thing she's the teacher and I'm not.  

The first night he came home with math I started giggling as he read the problems.  I of course made it worse by videoing it but seriously this is good stuff. 

If you don't get the why I thought it was so funny you need to watch friends.  Specifically the clips below. 

You better be laughing.  Seriously not sure if we can be friends if you aren't laughing.  My philosophy is that it is always better to laugh and you'd better laugh when you can.  Sometimes you have to pull out the laughs to get through the hard stuff.  So I'm filing this away in the great laugh file.

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