Saturday, October 24, 2015


People that know Riley do both strange and amazing things for him and our family.  It never ceases to amaze me the silly things that he can get people to do.  Like telling a grown man to moo like a cow and having him do it.  Repeatedly!  Riley is funny and engaging and he has a way of getting people to do what he wants.  A wise preschool teacher  told me she never worried about him having his needs met. He would use his charm to get what he needs. 

Even more than the silly things that he can get people to do it is the amazingly kind and generous souls that we have met along this journey.   Huge monumental things like having a friend's mom provide licensed childcare for several months at absolutely no charge because she knew that childcare was a huge concern and we didn't know what to expect once Riley arrived.   It is the donations that have been made in his honor to support the Spokane Guilds School and Ds Connections. The Guilds all on its own is amazing.   Teachers that have invested so much time above and beyond to make sure he is set up for success.    These are just few examples of the amazing people and love that our family has been shown over the years.  The things friends, family and strangers have done are way to numerous to share.

Along the way Riley has brought some very amazing and beautiful people into our world.  Tonight when I was looking at books I came across a special one that found its way into Riley's back pack at the end of 1st grade.  I love when these little things jump up and shout to remind me of these moments and these people that have made our world so special. 

 This is a treasure that Riley will always have and will continue to remind him of this very special teacher. While we don't get to see her daily anymore she still finds her way into our lives and we love every moment we get with her. 

 After Riley took his bath tonight he found the toy that he wanted to snuggle with.  That will make him "cozy cozy" in his words.  This fuzzy little monster made his way home with Riley this summer when that very special teacher's daughter babysat Riley.   The monster needed a new home and made the perfect fuzzy friend to make Riley brave on one of his many Dr visits this summer.

 So while it isn't always clear what His plan is and I've often questioned why my child has Down syndrome there are reminders huge and small that we have been given gifts of people to help us through this journey.  Sometimes these gifts are huge humbling suck up your pride and accept type gifts and others are just waiting there for you to stop and realize they are there for you with a hug and a laugh.  Some day I'll get to repay all of the generosity our family is shown. 

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