Thursday, October 22, 2015


Riley just hasn't been able to kick this cold so off to the Dr we went this afternoon.

 This kid still loves a mirror!  Thankfully we are past the days of "kissing" aka licking the baby in the mirror. Has full conversations with his toys and the Riley and toys in the mirror. 

Crazy behavior is one of the biggest signs that Riley isn't feeling well.  For example he his under the desk at school and told his aid to go away for the first time this year.  He will argue with you on any topic possible.  The worst was when he was yelling at Rex because the wrong song was on the radio.  It gets pretty comical.

This afternoon he was just comical.  On the drive home from school he says "Mom when I get big I will dance with girls.  I love girls a lot!"      At dinner Justin let him smell and taste his beer and Riley says "Mom when I get big I drink that... a lot of that!"   To which Rex says "man if Riley starts drinking we are going to be in a world of chaos".

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