Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Flash Master

Some days Riley can be a lot.  It is a bit like putting loud grinding music, on repeat, very loudly!  It can be hard to focus and pick out the important parts.  Often Riley's most important messages are communicated with out words. 

Today is a perfect example of this.   He told me loud and clear that it is our friends that matter.  We need to make time for them and do things we love and have fun with them.  Share ourselves and always be authentic.   

 The best part of Riley is that he is 100% authentic.  He doesn't know how to be anything else.  At times I wish he a tiny inside voice that kept a few things from being shared but he doesn't.  You never doubt for a moment what Riley is feeling at any given moment.  He might love you but he doesn't hesitate to share with you exactly what he thinks.  There is no sugar coating anything.   EVER! 

Today was Bring a Friend and Wear Your Costume to Dance class day.    Seriously doesn't get much better than that combination for Riley.  Costumes just simply make everything better in his world.  He can jump into character at a moments notice and is completely in heaven pretending to fly and be a super hero.  He has very elaborate story lines to go along with his characters.  If he has a friend to dress up with then that is even better.  So getting to take Kaitlin to dance this afternoon and having her in her own costume was fabulous.  He looked forward to it all day.   When we arrived at dance he had to show her all over and a lot of dance moves.  I didn't get to watch class but I can imagine he was quite the host to his friend. 

He was pretty sure that Kaitlin needed to call him Flash Master  and bow to him.  Being the awesome sweet friend that she is Kaitlin just giggled at him.  She puts up with a lot but she wasn't going to bow down to him.  I love this girl!   

You may call me Flash Master.... 

Bonus... I get to go to Brother's check up dressed as Flash

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