Saturday, October 3, 2015

Little updates

Yesterday I received an quick update from Riley's teacher that totally made my day.  week. 

Look who aced his 4th 3rd grade spelling test, in 3rd grade, and is multiplying single digit numbers using ENY (Engage New York) And his interactions with his peers have become so much more appropriate.  

He was able to pick a prize for earning 25 PAWS tickets in 1 week.  I love that he picked a stationary set.  Riley loves to make cards and signs for people. This prize is totally him and boy did he earn it this week. 
 Lincoln Heights Jaguars show their P.A.W.S. wherever they are:

 Put Safety First
 Act Responsibly
 Work for Success
 Show Respect and Kindness

Quick updates like these fill my mommy gas tank.  I love that he is having so much at success and has such an amazing team of people supporting him.  He is totally loved and challenged at school this year by his ENTIRE team. 

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  1. I'm so happy for Riley. All students deserve a safe place where he is encouraged to reach his potential. Tell him Gramma Debbie is so proud of him.


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