Thursday, October 15, 2015

Magical Fall Days

Beautiful fall days have been perfect to play outside.  The extra bonus tonight was that it is Thursday and it is currently our only night when there are absolutely no activities on the calendar.  Thursdays are fabulous days!  The boys finished homework and headed outside to play. 

These pictures would have been even better with a sound track of the belly laughs coming from both boys.  I know I know its called a video but it would have been hard to edit it down to a handful of pictures that way.  So just run the sound of Riley cackling from his toes while you scroll through these.   

These two seem to be more and more fun the older they get.  Every new stage we get to I think... Oh this is it, this is my favorite age.  Then we move to the next and its my favorite.   They were sure cute as little guys but I am all for independence.  They are growing and learning so much it is fun to get to be a part of. 

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