Tuesday, October 20, 2015


Almost a year ago we had family pictures taken.  It was a super foggy morning that added a cool effect.    Hawk Pics by Monika did a perfect job capturing the crazy that is our family.

 I've failed my blogging challenge to post each day in the month of October in honor of Down syndrome awareness month.  I've said it often that our family is more like yours than you'd ever want to know. Well a lot like your but probably funnier.  We are pretty hysterical.  My family is so much like your s that we got caught up with Riley's first cold of the school year....  boogs, boogs, and more boogs.   We also it thought it would be fun to clean and move out bunk beds and other such craziness.  Good times at the Kibbe house for sure.  I promise I'll be back to more interesting things like updating on our dentist visit and sleeping pills this week.

 Riley was talking up the photographer and telling us all about the creatures in the forest so this "creature was photo shopped in"  How perfect for Riley!
 This freaked me out a bit and looked way too much like a senior picture!

While we were doing this...

Riley was doing this.

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