Friday, October 9, 2015

I Play Too

I love pictures and we spend a lot of time at ball games so I have a lot of pictures of the boys playing ball.  I always played sports growing up so I seemed natural that my kids would.   Looking back over the pictures our entire family has had a lot of fun watching the boy's teams as the grow so I had to share a few. 

 Rex had a long list of things he was going to teach his little brother and throwing a baseball and football were certainly on the list.  A Down syndrome diagnosis  made us wonder what sports would look like for Riley.  He has watched what feels like 1000's of Rex's games over the years and in the last few years has found teams of his own.  Soccer and baseball programs that offer buddies to help kids with disabilities have been a perfect fit for Riley.  He wants to be like big brother so badly and these buddy systems allow him to do that.   Riley is an amazing cheerleader for his big brother.  He has made some of his very best friends from the siblings of Rex's teammates.  Riley sports look different that Rex's but offer Riley a way to be like his brother.  Sports have provided both boys a lot of smiles over the years. 

Might not take the football field but I'm still going to be just like Brother

Me too Brother

Cheering brother on

Kibbe boys take the field

Just like Brother

Third base boogie

Game day

Riley's adoring fans at his Challenger Baseball Game. 

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