Friday, October 5, 2012

One of our favorite People!

Riley and Marie
October 2012

Once of Riley's most favorite people in the world is Marie his speech therapist.  He has been seeing Marie for the last three years and wow have we seen progress.  Obviously 3 years will give a kid some time to develop and hearing aids sure helped but I completely believe she is the reason Riley is progressing so much. 

The really great thing about Marie is that she is so much more than just a speech therapist.  At times she is my mental health counselor, an advocate for Riley at school and his Special Olympics Young Athletes coach.  She is a huge part of our world and we love her! 

Therapies of all kinds go hand in hand with having a child with down syndrome.  We've seen a lot of different therapists over the years and have been so fortunate to have access to such great professionals.  Marie sets the bar high for others that we work with!

Earlier this week we went to a Special Olympics breakfast and we had to be there at 7am.  That ment we had to get up super early.  Riley so didn't want to get out of bed at all but once we reminded him that he was going to eat breakfast with Marie he was up and perky and ready to go.  Gotta love the power of a friend.

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