Friday, October 12, 2012


Thankfully today we have a great celebration to distract me from the ugly list of "safety" issues that Riley has at school.  I'm not totally sure how we went from great reports to being in the principals office but that is where we are today.  Tonight we take a break from the drama of kindergarten to wish a very very special lady Happy Birthday. 

Great Gramma Elsie turns 94 today.  I never knew my great grand parents so I think that is very very cool that my boys will remember theirs.   We were able to visit her in May during our trip to Florida.  My boys love love love her...  and so do I. 

When we visited in May the boys were able to spend some time getting to know Great Gramma better.  Rex had to interview her for his 3rd grade homework.  It was great to hear some of her stories and for Rex to understand more about his family history.  Rex's favorite quote was when she told him that he shouldn't have to do homework on vacation!

Happy Happy Birthday Elsie!!!  Wish we were there to help you celebrate!

Riley, Great Gramma Elsie,Rex
May 2012

Hitching a ride to Rex's baseball game with Great Gramma
June 2010

Reading Books


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