Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Fashion Bracelets

Guess who really loved wearing his bracelet today. If you guessed Rex you were right... well and Riley too.  Day one was a success!  Riley lined up for noon recess with Rex with no issue.  Rex said it went well except for he had to talk to a couple of Riley's classmates that were hitting each other in the "junk".  Rex says to me "there are just somethings that you shouldn't need to say mom".  So love that boy. 

Rex's and Riley's fashion bracelets

  Music was a little iffy but the teacher hasn't been briefed on the bracelet protocol. I figure it will take a few days to make its way to all of the teachers but by next week we should be pretty consistent with delivery.    Thankfully Riley waited until towards the end of music when his regular classroom teacher was there to pick the kids up before he decided to play behind the flowers up by the alter and tip over the incense. She was able to give him a consequence immediately and get him where he needed to be.  I'm sure there is a special punishment for sweet little Catholic boys that tip over the incense. 


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  1. I just love it! Tell Rex, I agree, there really are things you just shouldn't have to say. ( ;


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