Friday, October 19, 2012

Bye Sweetie

Breakfast conversation with Rex and Riley:

Rex:  Riley I'm going to give you a noogie.
Riley:  No Noogie... Call me Riley. 

Riley with his occupational therapist Robin:

Robin:  Hi Riley
Robin:  Ye we need to move your fingers to write
Riley:  Bye Sweetie
Robin:  Have you been writing your name for Mrs Theilman or are you being a stinker?
Riley:  I be a Stinker
Robin:  Since you are being a stinker you need to write your name two more times on the back of your paper.
Riley:  Oh Darn!

Riley at school when he sees me on the playground:

Riley melts to the ground and cries

Me:  Hi Riley  I missed you
Riley:  You go sit in car mom.  I go school!
Me:  Can I go to your class with you?
Riley:  No you go your car!
Me:  Were you good today?  Did you wear your bracelets?
Riley:  I no wear bracelets.  I don't like!
Me:  But Mrs Theilman said you had a a great day.  You were so good! 
Riley:  I know wear them

Conversations with Riley are  humorous to say the least.  He is a bossy sassy little boy.  I'm so thankful that he speaks clearly enough for us to understand his sass but some days I'd like the nice sweet child.  You know the one...  the stereotypical child with Down syndrome that is always smiling and happy. 

Riley is a very loving little boy but anyone that knows him knows that he runs the full spectrum of emotions.  For tonight's Down syndrome awareness lesson we busted a common myth.  People with Down syndrome are not always happy.  They experience all emotions just like the rest of us.  I like to think that Riley's loving personality is a reflection of all the love that he is shown but his family and the huge circle of friends he has. 


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