Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Lost...but not Forever

I've recently joked about down grading Riley from Hurricane status to a tropical storm.  I think today secured his Hurricane title for life and added a lot of grey hair to my head.  It all started yesterday afternoon when I was running a bit late for school pick up.  Not super late just late enough that the kids were waiting with an aid so I didn't get a chance to talk to the teacher.  We were in a hurry to get Rex to football because it was earlier than usual that day and so off we went.  Fast forward to bed time and I was going through back packs and went to get Riley's hearing aids out of the case to set out for morning...  I cracked open the case and found only one aid.  Insert panic here!  Well it was late and there really wasn't anything we could do after triple checking the back pack.  So Justin went to talk to the teacher this morning when he dropped the kids off at school only to discover that the there was a substitute teacher in the room.  Thankfully the they knew about the issue in the office so they could fill in a few of the blanks.  After a day of stress and searching, a trip to the school with a coworker to search, and some more stress I had pretty much given up hope of finding that little treasure.  I called the hearing aid place and discovered there is a one time replacement for lost or damaged aids with a $75 fee for the mold and a  $125 fee to process the claim.  So it was much more affordable than starting from scratch but still I didn't want to fork out any amount. 

When I picked the boys up from school today I made them take one more trip across the playground to see if we could get lucky.  Rex had a buddy with him that we were taking to football practise and I was completely annoyed that they were goofing off instead of helping me.  Annoyed enough that I gave up looking and told them we were leaving if they weren't going to help. We were headed to the car and Rex stops and looks down and says "mom its right here" and picks up the bright green hearing aid to hand to me. He

 Seriously the best advise ever was when my friend Paula told me to get the molds in a bright color so I could easily find them when they were lost.  I can't even count how many times they have been misplaced but this time I thought they were gone for good.  I can't even imagine how many little feet stepped on them during recess today but I'm guessing that recess turned the barked up enough that they surfaced.   Not sure how Rex spotted it but thankfully the bright green caught his eye.  He certainly saved us all a lot of stress. 

Today didn't go exactly as planned but typically when I pick the boys up from school it looks a bit like this.  They are goofy and dirty.  I'm not so sure why kindergarten is so dirty but Riley comes home filthy every day.  I understand the chocolate milk spills and even the day the he got a little out of control with the soap dispenser but I don't understand the straigh up dirt that covers him.  I wonder if he just get down on the bark and rolls around every recess.  Boys are gross!!!

Good Boys

Mr Mischevious


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  1. Oh man!!! I would have been freaking out too!!! Way to go Rexy!!!! Love the middle picture : )


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