Thursday, December 18, 2008


I love living here in Spokane because we have all 4 seasons. Usually it is not very extreme weather but the current weather pattern we are experiencing is extreme. Extremely cold, extremely snowy, extremely cold oh and I mention extremely snowy. I do enjoy looking at snow when I can sit and read a book and watch it out the window. Ya driving and shoveling and shoveling and more shoveling are not my idea of how to spend a good snow day.

So to truly enjoy my snow experience I must start the story at the beginning. Yesterday I left the house at about 8:15am. It had started snowing a little before but it was a nice pretty light snow and I didn't figure it would be a big deal. So I ran out to the car in my dress clothes and shoes (note: left new boots by front door cause I wouldn't need them) Well it snowed and snowed and snowed. At about 3 they closed our office and encouraged us to go straight home. This was only after the news was reporting that to go up the South Hill (large hilly part of town that I live in) you must have traction tires and also 4wheel drive. Well I'll skip ahead to the part after I have tried three different routes up the hill and have decided that I'll settle for the steep part by my house and park in the Fred Meyer parking lot and walk home. I live on approximately 21st so how horrible could the walk be right. So, I proceed to go into Fred Meyers while Justin checks the news again to make sure there is absolutely I'm not getting up the hill and while walking through the lot I almost fall on my toushy as I slip on the ice and then almost get ran over by the idiot that didn't look before backing up. Seriously I think he only noticed me when I slapped the side of his SUV as he started to back into me. Well while inside I decided to buy boots for my trek and also a beanie and additional gloves. All wise purchases that have been used again today. Oh ya I bought a back back to put my shoes, laptop and purse in so I wouldn't have to try to carry stuff in my arms. So about 8-10 blocks into this trek and before the steep hill part I run into a man out shoveling his sidewalk. I joked with him asking if he would shovel my path up the hill and he offered to drive me home. After establishing that he drove large off road jeep with HUGE tires I proceed to climb in to the car with a strange man that lives in a slightly sketchy neighborhood at the bottom of the hill. Well good choice on my part as he proceeds to drive me up the side streets that are not all paved under the snow but no traffic and in less than 15 minutes he drop me off at my door step and refuses to take the 5 bucks I had in my purse. I left it in his car and possibly will deliver cookies at later date. Well the pictures tell the story of what I found when I opened the door this morning. Rex and I went out first thing about 7:30am and I captured how he disappeared in the snow bank. Also you can see that the snow is covering the wheels on Justin's tiny little Nissan. I'm still a little bitter that his car made it up the hill last night and mine did not. I'm sure I could have made it if there weren't so many idiots sliding and stopping in front of me and getting in my way. I didn't do so well at the starting on the incline part of the drive. This evening my friend Shannon who has that 4wheel drive that is needed to get around came and picked me up and we ventured down the hill to rescue my van. I was not the only car with 2feet of snow in the parking lot. I wonder if those others cars had to walk home or if someone nice stopped to drive them home too? Enjoy the photos and hopefully tomorrow Riley will make it out to play in the snow too. Friday is also a snow day. All Spokane schools are closed and so is my office. I'm pretty sure Justin will also be home because our cars don't have the clearance to make it through the side streets. Gotta love freak winter snowstorms.


  1. You sure are good at getting strange guys to give you a ride for free. Hmmm, is there more to the story, ha ha ha!! You always have such fun adventures : ) I too am so sad that the kids won't get to show off their incredible cuteness tomorrow in their santa suits, bummer. Looks like Rex had a lot of fun in the snow. I have to try and get some pics of my kiddos in the snow tomorrow!! Stay warm!

  2. Great pictures. Rex needs longer legs. The van looked like a large loaf of bread. It's beautiful here too, but still snowing a bit. I sure hope the wind stays calm. gramma

  3. Hi Mary!

    What a winter wonderland you are in right now ... pretty, but sounds like a pain! Glad you found a stranger to help you out and get you home :)
    We are getting excited for the holidays. Our girls are almost 2 and should be a lot of fun this year. Catch up with us on our blog Hopefully it will work for you. I really enjoyed seeing pictures of your boys. Take Care and have a great Christmas!

  4. Wow. What a day!

    We're having a not-so-freakish snow day here. Little Man and I have been baking up a storm and lego'ing ourselves to death!


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