Monday, December 8, 2008

Using it to our advantage!

Just a quick funny. Riley doesn't show many signs of sensory issues like so many kiddos with Down syndrome have, but does seem to have an aversion to green poky things. This summer he hated the grass. When you sat him down in it he would pick up one leg and just randomly hold it up and then stare at you like you were so ridiculous to have forgotten that he hates the grass.

As Christmas rapidly approaches we have been debating what to do about the tree. We have been afraid that he will play with it non stop and pull down the ornaments. While at a friends house this weekend we discovered that Riley will have nothing to do with the tree. He walked a wide swath around it. So yesterday Justin assembled our lovely fake tree. Riley stares at it and then points out the window as if to say why in the world is the large green thing inside.

Of all the things to have a little issue with this works out great for us!

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  1. Haha Derek and I were talking earlier today about kids and Christmas trees (after yelling at the cats for the millionth time to NOT play in the tree); he seems to think that Danny will completely stay out of the tree and will listen when we tell him to do so. I think Derek will learn a lot in the next year, won't he? : )


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