Sunday, December 7, 2008

2year check up

Since Riley had the big 2nd birthday he also had to have the big two year well child check. He measures a woppen 33 inches tall according to the nurse. Kacey thinks I'm crazy because Ella is only 30 inches tall and they kids are the same height and Ella possibly has the advantage by a tiny bit. MY Dr.'s office still measured him laying down and evidently Kacey learned that kids over 1 need to be measured standing up or you can stretch them out. So Kacey has the homework assignment of getting Riley to stand still long enough to measure him standing up. I think we should go with the 33inch measurement since that puts him at the 5% marker on the regular kids growth chart. He weighs in at 24 pounds with also puts him at 5% on the regular kid growth chart. All in all a great visit. I love my pediatrians. Dr. Marla raved on and on about how cute Riley is and how impressed she is with his development. It is always good to have someone rave about how beautiful and impressive your kiddo is.

Riley has also recently had all of his therapy reevalations. I think it is so interesting to compare all of the results. His OT Eval that was completed in late September puts him at an age equivalent of 15months.

His PT evalulation was completed in October and puts him at 10-12 month age. ( He started walking about 2 weeks after this one)

Speach was also done in October and puts him at a 16 month age. 13 months for Receptive language and 19 months for expressive language.

The last one is the evaluation completed by the teach of his toddler group. This places Riley a with cognitive skills at 17 months and Social-emotional skills also at 17 months.

It always cracks me up that each time we have evaluations done the therapists have to give you a big pep talk about standarized tests and how they aren't a true representation of the your child. Well I realize this but it is still strange when you stop and think about Riley just having his 2nd birthday and truely being more like a 1 year old.

Just in case you forget this little piece Riley will remind you when he show you his top tooth that is just breaking through. That makes #7. He has four mollars and his two bottom teeth. I wonder if he will get the second front tooth soon. I can just picture 1 front tooth..... people won't wonder about then will they.

When I had Rex all the mom I knew would compare what percentage our kids were and what each kiddo was up too. Talking evals and adjusted ages is a whole new world.


  1. Ah, it's nice to know there are other children Abby's age rockin' the limited teeth situation. I just keep telling myself her teeth will be healthier the longer they stay tucked away (we are officially at 8). Forget that I'm still a scared pansy & cut things smaller than neccesary, but I swear it's gotta be way more challenging with so few teeth.

    Oh, & I think it's AWESOME Riley's found his way onto the chart-I'm desperately hoping myself that Abby will hop on board with her weight this coming trip. Fingers crossed!

    Have a good week! Bec

  2. Hey. Ok next time I see ya we are measuring the kids : ) Seriously our kids are so short, there is no way they are on the "typical" chart!!

    I hate evals. I try so hard to keep telling myself how good Ella is doing, and she is. BUT when you see on paper that she is performing like a child half her age it is a little heart breaking. Oh well, I guess they have to do them so they can get services. I always consider for a half second not finding out what the scores are, but I'm too nosey! Well, have fun in ATL, have a great drive to the airport, ha ha ha!!! I'll see ya at 11 on thur!


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