Friday, December 26, 2008

Over the hills and through the woods.......

Well we went through snow not the woods but we did arrive safely at Gramma and Grampa's house for Christmas. We all had a wonderful Christmas even though the snow kept us from Christmas Eve Mass. Since we didn't make it to church I forced my boys into dress clothes to eat dinner Christmas day. Aren't they handsome.

The rest of these pictures are from the day we left to drive out to mom and dads before the next storm came. We had our family Christmas before we left.

Aunt Christine wins the cool gift award for the vacuum. Riley is already busy cleaning the house.

Rex was able to go shopping at Santa's workshop at his school. For the first time ever he went shopping for his own gifts with out mom and dad. He choose a train for Riley, golden pine cones for dad and for me he choose this beautiful lady. He thought I would really like the flowers around her neck. He was so proud of his choices and was great to watch him as we opened each one. The golden pine cones came in a free basket (the free part was impressive to Rex) so we are going to add some rocks or something to the bottom so Justin can take it to work and use it for a pencil holder.
I picked up a microphone like the one they use during his speech therapy and he loves it. He picked it up and instantly starting singing for us. The last few days he has added a lot of new babbling and words. He has said down a few times but it comes out OOOWN. Rex got the new Sorry Sliders game so we taught Riley to say sorry sorry sorry. It is a wonderful word approximation that I can't even begin to type how it sounds. My mom swears she heard him say ball but I missed it.

I have too many pictures and it is so stinkin slow to upload straight to blogger that the rest are goining into a slide show. It may be long but you should feel like you were there opening gifts with us Christmas morning. ENJOY!

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