Monday, December 1, 2008

Shopping Adventures

Well I've been a bit too busy to post this last weekend so this is a recap of the crazy shopping adventure that was the day after Thanksgiving. This all begins last year when my good friend Angie and I decided that we needed to go shopping the day after Thanksgiving and see what all the fuss was about. Well we had so much fun people watching and making fun of the hard core Black Friday shoppers that we made a date for this year before we made it home. Well this year at 4am it seemed like less than the smartest idea we have ever had but I trudged on and showered and made it to Angies shortly before 5am. We had sworn to each other that we wouldn't speak until we hit Starbucks but for some reason we were both a little engergiezed and had rapid fire ADHD story telling time, I am pretty sure this was sleep deprived rambpling but we thought we were hysterical. So after a quick trip into Fred Meyers we came out to find that my van had the flatest tire ever. We limp the car to the gas station in the parking lot to discover that the air machine is broken - luckily there was another station very close. With a phone call to Justin to not only verify he had secured our new camera but to whine that I had a flat tire he says "well when I changed the tires yesterday one was flat but I didn't think it would be a big deal" Ya well it was a big deal. So with a nice air filled tire we make it down to the mall to brave Kohls. We wondered a bit and found all the wonderful bargins we could stand. When we ventured out to the parking lot we found in my wonderful front row parking spot (so everyone could see as they left the store) that my van tire was yet again flat as a pancake. This time we walk to the gas station to buy the fix a flat follow the directions and off we go. Needless to say this all got in the way of our shopping but didn't dampen our fun. To fast forward to the story tomorrow Justin is taking the studs off my van and putting back on my very nice all weather sipped tires. We won't ask why he let my dad talk him into putting on the studs that had been in the shed for 2 seasons.

My mom waited until today to do her marathon shopping and I have to share one of the best purchases of the day.

No it isn't corn on the cob he is chewing on, it is a yellow toy brillow piece.

You have to use your imagination a little to picture Ella Grace's cute little self in the Mrs Clause dress and hat. I will be sure to post picture when the happy couple sits for their photo shoot.


  1. Awww, your mom is so sweet!! I can't wait to get them together, their will be tons of pics!!! Thanks Gramma!!!!

    That first picture of Riley, he looks like a drunken santa : )

  2. Oh Riley that is so cute. You make a very darling santa.

  3. I can't wait to see pictures of the two of them together; they are going to be too cute! I'm glad you and Angie had a fun shopping adventure. I too love to watch the crazies when they are out shopping with a purpose at 5am. People are crazy!


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