Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Today was a successful day. I'm glad you sitting down because this might be a long one. First my sister in law Libby called this evening for the "boobie report". Hers are fine. After a little scare with a lump all the test have come back good and there is nothing to worry about. Well that is other than the large bruise she has on her elbow and tushy when she fell on the one and only piece of ice in the parking lot on her way in for the the big squeeze. I'll leave out the details for Libby's sake. She may not want my mom to know all the words she muttered (yelled) at God at that very moment as she laid in the parking lot crying. Sorry Lib I had to share. It was too good not to.

Second, well actually first since it happened earlier in the day Kacey called and Ella's surgery went smoothly. You can read the entire report of the surgery adventure at The Amazing Ella Grace
Riley has become quite the little independent man since he starting walking. He has been changing daily. He has started really hugging. He has always been a cuddle bug but now he actually squeezes you back and wraps his arms around your neck. There is nothing better than big squeezes from your kiddos. He was walking around the house giving his baby hugs tonight. Note the baby is naked. For some reason Rex insists on taking all the clothes off any doll, army guy and so on. WEIRD!

Riley has also figured out that when Justin and Rex play the Wii it is really fun. He wants to play too. Tonight they were playing Mario Kart and Riley wanted to play too.

Meghan, his speech therapist, would be so proud to see him driving his car. They sing a great little song at circle time that involves driving a car. We are even getting some car noises.

The other success of the day was that Rex received a letter from Santa. When he arrived home from school today he discovered that there was a letter from Santa. It was one of the first things he told me about when I arrived home from work. Rex has been awful good this year and as Santa pointed out he is a great big brother.

Possibly Christina, our nanny, is the sweetest thing alive. She and her husband Ron asked if they could take the boys to the Christmas party at the airforce base where Ron works as an aircraft mechanic. The big party is this weekend and Christina has been working to make sure this is a really exciting experience for Rex. Well Ron is on away on TDY (evidently and airforce term that means he is gone for two weeks) and Christina still is taking the boys. I am excited to hear how the big party goes. Rex still doesn't know what is coming on Saturday since it is a big surprise for him and Riley. Keep your fingers crossed that he appreciates all the effort that Christina has gone to and has a ton of fun at the big Christmas party. I'm positive that he will have fun but I'm hoping that he actually expreses how much fun he has. This summer when Christine took him out to the base and Ron took him in the cockpit of an airplane he didn't exactly act like it was cool, but then when he got home it was all he could talk about. UGH I will be sure to post pictures - Christina promises to take a ton.


  1. Wow I look tired !!

    The Tyrannical A-hole :)

  2. I LOVE the pic of Riley with the baby. There's just something about those little ones showing of their newly developed nurturing skills the just melts a person.


  3. I think your hubby and mine would be fast friends....he signs it "The Tyrannical A-Hole" I love it! :) He obviously has a sense of humor!!

    I'm glad for all of the good news. Riley and his baby are too cute!

  4. I can't wait to get one of those hugs. Gramma

  5. Ok first, the Tyrannical A-hole, hilarious, so I see you will be checking the blog more often huh : )

    YAY, for Riley. He is getting so big! Can't wait to get a hug from my little guy!! The picture of him playing Wii is so cute!!

    Last, Hunter too insists on making all the babies naked. Poor Ella is always bringing me a babydoll with the clothes and saying "belp"

    See ya tomorrow!!!


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