Monday, October 13, 2008

Play time

This evening I thought I would take a quick video of Rex and Riley playing at the new table that I fashioned. I had this wonderful idea that if I Velcro Riley's toys down they do at school it would help him from throwing them as much. Well the idea is good in theory but you must have to use industrial strength Velcro. At least it slows him down a little. Plus the table and stool are the perfect height for him to practise. He also needs motivation to play standing up and this will help with that as well. I need to dig out the Little people farm that Rex had and get it up on the table so we can work on our pretend play with the farm animals too. Anyway, while I was taking the video of Riley, Rex decided that I need to film him too because he wanted to introduce himself and talk about Riley. Notice the change in blog name too, I guess I wasn't including him enough.

Note the handsome new shirt that Riley is wearing... he arrived home from Christina's wearing it. She was so sweet she came and picked up Riley this morning because Justin and I are both fighting this nasty cold. When she arrived this morning she had a new winter coat that she had found on sale this weekend and this evening he arrives home in a new shirt. How unbelievably sweet she is.

PS On a totally different subject I had the nicest woman approach me and the boys after church yesterday. She came up and introduced herself and her son who happens to have Down syndrome. It was so sweet. She wasn't all crazy and weird she simply said it is an amazing journey. How well stated is that. She also mentioned that her son also had been diagnosed with diabetes at 10 months. Colby then turns to me and says - "well that's been half the battle". I was so pleased to hear him speak so clearly and have a sense of humor. He smiled at me as they walked about as if to say - Hey is all going to be fine.

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  1. Love it!! Excellent attempt at Velcro...worked for a bit. Rex is too cute! Hugs...Amy


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