Saturday, October 4, 2008

Garage Sale Day 1

What was I thinking. Well my mom, my nanny Christina and Kacey and I decided to have a garage sale this weekend. Seriously what were we thinking. To add to the fun my sister in law who works for Catholic Charities decides that she unload all of the storage units from the old daycare on my front lawn. Everyone has been around and helping but some how Kacey and my husband and I were lugging around a lot of other people stuff this evening as we packed up for the day. I know it is for a charity but I may have to charge my sister in law a handling fee. Or at least give her a lot of grief.

Wish me luck on surviving tomorrow. My friend Randi is coming over to dye my hair. I figured that a garage sale wasn't a enough fun for one weekend. Tune in tomorrow for pictures of that little adventure

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