Saturday, October 18, 2008

Baby in a box

Man a live this 31 for 21 challenge is difficult some days. It is hard to always find something worth sharing. So today I'll tell a funny/scary stupid moment on myself.

Well, Kacey and I were trying to finish this garage sale that got rained out a few weeks back. We got rid of a ton of treasures aka crap and made a few bucks so over all it was a success. We were packing up and getting ready to make a run to Good Will with the leftovers and Justin was across the street loading my moms car with tables, Kacey was literally stuffing my van full and my mom walked off to help Justin. Well that left me on Riley duty and this would be the part that I didn't realize. I guess they all told me they were walking off and I spaced it as I searched for something inside the garage. This would be the point that I hear Justin bellowing my name. Well, being the typical wife I tuned him out cause I thought we was yelling at me to help load something and I figured he could wait cause I was busy with my own thing. Well come to find out he didn't need help he was yelling at me because Riley was crawling out into the street and there was a car coming. Seriously I think all of us the adults had heart attacks. How is it possible that the only person that can't walk is the one that is fast enough to make it to the street with no one noticing. I think Justin realized why we had put Riley in the Rubbermaid box earlier in the day. It isn't like we put the lid on and we gave him toys. Geezsh!


  1. Yeah, definetly scared the crap out of me! That boy is so fast!! I saw nothing wrong with putting him in the rubbermaid, I'm telling ya I'm getting a leash for Ella so you get one for Riley too and we will put a stake in the ground to keep them safe : ) Had fun today, ha ha, glad we did it!!

  2. Oh yeah... when Chance was that age he would just take off. Scared the crap out of us so many times, especially on camping trips. One time I followed him to see how far he would go before he would notice his "caretaker" was gone. Totally oblivious to ANY kind of danger. I am so glad he doesn't do that anymore!


  3. I think you might need to rename him whirlwind Riley instead of Hurricane Riley because with a hurricane you have warning but it seems like he comes out of nowhere so you might need the whirlwind name. Haha. Thanks again for the stuff at the garage sale. It was great meeting you. Marie

  4. Hahahahahaha! That is fantastic! K...mother of the year award is back on your shelf=)! Hi Five...Amy


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