Saturday, October 4, 2008

Hurricane Riley Strikes Again

I should start by describing my morning.....or maybe week. Justin and I have had a very busy week between the kids, soccer practise, cleaning and getting ready for the garage sale and well just life in general, and yes it is only Wednesday and I'm ready for a long nap. Any way this morning was fairly typical as I rush around trying to get ready for work and deal with the boys. My best mornings are when Riley sleeps in and lets me shower before he wakes but that wasn't the case. So after cleaning enough of the snot off of his face so he can breath a little while he eats I load him up in the highchair get Rex some cereal and turn the cartoons on. I jump in the shower and my goal as with each morning is to be dressed before Christina (Riley's nanny/supper nanny/Mary Poppins) arrives. Well this morning I make a point to shave because it is abnormally warm here in Spokane right now and I didn't want to wear long pants and shoes and socks. So, as all women know that takes a little extra time in the shower to accomplish if you don't want to have scars for life. I should also add that my happy/crazy pills do not seem to be keeping up with my life or my PMS these days. I came to this realization this morning as I'm wanting to kill my husband over leaving a sink full of dishes and leaving me to take care of them and take the garbage out so that Christina doesn't have to spend a day in a stinky house looking at my sink full of dishes. After all they are just dishes not grounds for divorce. Justin has also lost his wallet again, he does this daily and it is my job to run around a find it since he left for work without it so he wouldn't be late. Its OK if I'm late but he has to be on time. I have given up the hunt and as Rex and I are finally rushing out the door to school Justin calls to see if I have found it and has a suggestion as to where I should look I proceed to not take the right street to Rex's school and well honestly forget he is in the back seat of the van and drive clear down the hill instead of taking him to school. This may be one reason that cell phones while driving are now against the law in Washington. Well I finally get Rex deposited at school and make it to the office by way of the coffee stand and get clear into the office before I realize I don't have my laptop. Thankfully I didn't actually leave it at home like I did on Monday I just left it in the car. Seriously I think I'm losing my mind.

So to the point of the story. Christina called a few minutes ago to give me an update on Riley just in case I found strange things in this poop later. She starts by telling me that he had been quite so she thought he was actually sleeping in his crib. Well, she went into get him up and get him dressed for school and discovers that he has destroyed the mobile that hangs over his crib. I had to laugh in relief because I thought the story was going to end with something like well he took his diaper off and rubbed his poop all over. How scary that I was relieved to hear he might have eaten plastic. I figure as long as there was no choking it still sounds better than cleaning poop off of my walls or Riley's crib. This would be why you shouldn't ever leave a mobile over the crib once the kiddos can reach it. Even if they have never paid attention to it before. I think he is just recently been able to reach it while standing up in his crib. YIKES!!! I am so excited that Riley is learning new skills every day but if he would learn appropriate behavior at the same time I would love it even more. Maybe if he would at least acknowledge me when I talk to him and say no instead of just looking at me at cracking a smile. I'm trying really hard not to let him get away with things because he has Down syndrome but it is seriously hard not to bust up laughing when he tilts his head to the side and give you the squishy face smile. The photos below are of crazy smiley faces of Riley and a little bit of the boys wrestling. Did I mention in a house with my three boys and there seems to always be a little bit of wrestling, sword fighting or some sort of other stinky boy activity going on. I am so OUT NUMBERED!

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  1. You and me both Mary...I'm not looking forward to the day the Riley figures out how to undo his diaper and not only that but take it off too...That is my fear every time I go into his room. Especially when I can smell the fumes coming down the hall :0)


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