Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Day 8 31 for 21 2013

Riley loves to go to the farm to visit Gramma and Grampa.   He has had a love hate relationship with my dad over the years. We like to blame the chromosome but possibly Grampa is the orginal source of the stubborn gene. 

 They still go head to head but  gone are the days when Riley would fold up and hide when Grampa walked into the room. He had a very strict policy-  if I can't see you - you can't see me.   Riley wasn't very found of men for a while so it wasn't isolated to my dad.   It was pretty funny to hear the story of Riley taking a bath in in the kitchen sink at Gramma's and when Grampa walked in he folded himself in half to hide and practically drowned himself.  Stubborn boy wasn't going to let a silly thing like water get in the way of hiding his head. 

Possibly Grampa has a nasty cigar habit that we over look in the great outdoors.  

Possibly Riley has been paying close attention to how to work in the shop with Grampa. 

Riley thinks a little second hand smoke is a small price to pay for a tractor ride.       

There is a lot of dirt on the farm. This is heaven!!!

Grampa also tells funny stories and talks like Tony dog. 

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