Thursday, October 10, 2013

Day 10 31 for 21 2013

If you've read my blog more than once you know that I love the boy's school. It is an amazing community that has embrased our family. It's more than that really. It church, school, family and friends all rolled up in one. Rex has carved out this great group of friends and teammates and we have always taken it for granted. It was a given that my sweet quiet boy would have lots of friends, that school would be relatively easy and that he would play sports with his buddies. Never doubted any of that for a moment. Put Riley into that same equation and I doubt or at least worry about every tiny detail of the equation. I'm sure I'll always worry about both my boys but the longer we are part of the All Saints community the less I worry about those particular details. The photos below tell the story better than I can. Team mom Stephanie Perko gets all photo credit for this  post. 

As you all know this boy has more personality that we typically know what to do with. 

This is part of the reason Rex's teammates are so intrigued with Riley. He is goofy and funny and he treats them all like they could be Rex. He doesn't think twice about racing out on the field as the boys end practice. The other night after practice Riley raced out, as Rex was taking his helmet off,  screaming  BROTHER BROTHER as he wrapped that giant sweaty stinky boy in a hug. Cute as that was it was the huge group of Rex's teammates that surrounded them asking Riley for high-fives and fist bumps that truly made me smile. This group of boys are truly amazing.  

The school community is a special one but this group of 5/6th graders is truly amazing.  This last Sunday Rex's team played their third game of the season. While the details of the game will blur into the season one series will forever be remembered. 

First this awesome boy (note his sweet orange shoes) ran over 80 yards for a touch down.  

Then enters Colin.  The parents in the stands are suddenly paying way more attention. Sitting on the edge of our seats watching closely. We are watching closely to see how his coaches have found a way for him to safely participate. 

Notice those orange shoes are back.  Yes he's our kicker too.  

I don't have a sweet picture to show that the kick was good, but it was!   That's not the awesome part.

 Watch the kids take care of Colin and celebrate.  

This group of boys was so excited that their friend and teammate was on the field with them. Pretty sure they all chased him down to slap his helmet in a way only a football team can. 

As a parent of one of Colin's buddies I love that he is part of Rex's world. I love that his fun personality, his endurance, and his love of sports are all wrapped up behind that mega watt smile. He is teaching his classmates about compassion and perseverance and it is a beautiful lesson. 

As a parent with a special needs child I also love that Colin is part of Riley's world. They are kindred souls. I love that Colin is blazing a trail for kids with special needs at All Saints. Riley is lucky to have Colin lead the way. While Down syndrome and Cerebral Palsy present very different needs our community continues to amaze me in their ability to love and help our kids find success. 

Just one more reason to stop the stress and give those worries to God. He's got this covered.  

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  1. Your families are so beautiful and have touched me more than you know. -Miss Koreski


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