Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Day 2 31 for 21- 2013

1st grade homework is hard. It's hard for many reasons but the biggest is there is simply a lot of writing and writing is hard. Riley,like most of us, avoids what is hard. Tonight the task was to unscramble the sentences and write them correctly. I made flash cards set them in the order if the work sheet and we went from there. For all you tech people tell me there is an app that would make this easier. 

There were three sentences to unscramble. The first two we were pretty successful at and then the third was extra hard since it had a posessive noun. That's just a big concept. 

Homework time is an test of patience for Justin and I. I have zero patience when I know Riley knows how to do something and is acting like he doesn't. I need to remember that he may be telling us more with his behavior than his words allow him to communicate. I also use the chocolate measurement. If I try to bribe with chocolate and he still acts like he can't do it chances are he really can't or at least doesn't understand my directions. Tonight when I told him Rex was having ice team but he couldn't until he finished his math it was amazing how well he could write those numbers.  He's not really manipulating me if I know he's after ice cream all along, right???


  1. "Avoids what is hard?!" Hmmm f/t job, your boys' extracurricular activities are not used for Mom's free time, homework, school functions... Wait someone has to cook & clean. Call me crazy but I am of the opinion that neither you nor Justin avoids that which is hard! And you frequently praise those who are teaching HR! Girl you rock! You & the husband have my vote for parents of the century! I love following these stories & I say forget the book y'all need to go on tour as a 4-(wo)man comedy act... I have great respect for the Justin Kibbe family, a true family w/ the emphasis on FAMILY! And Riley, maybe do a little something out of line @ school soon, I'm anxiously awaiting what is to come next (sorry parents!)... :-)

  2. Mary, those sentences are hard for most kids. They are tired from school and need all the encouragement they can get! I know I work for chocolate! Adults work for a paycheck and sometimes wine??!! Anyway, I love your stories so I feel closer to all of you. Great gramma Elsie and great aunt Virginia are enjoying the stories too! Love you guys!

  3. First grade homework is hard! I realized it last year when Makayla came home with a practice test and 5 adults and Austin couldn't answer the last question on that darn thing!

    As far as the manipulating...Well, I fully agree, if you know it's happening it's simply negotiating on your part. ;) Yesterday Abby was on the verge of losing the yellow on her behavior stoplight because she was stomping on her way to take the green off, this is how it played out:
    "But mom! I wasn't stomping, that's just how I was walking! PLEASE don't make me take the yellow off!"
    Thus causing her to "walk" that way for the rest of the evening to prove she had not been stomping and it was valid not to lose the yellow. ;)
    Good times.


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