Saturday, October 26, 2013

Day 26 31 for 21 2013

Riley provides us lots of laughs.  Today we had a quiet day at home so I didn't think much of him being in the other room playing. He came running into the living room calling for me. I discover had stripped down to his underwear and some how found my pink sports bra. He had managed to pull it on in a side ways kinda way that made it very similar to Rex's wrestling singlet minus the shorts. He was so proud of himself and then immediately concerned because I was laughing so hard. 

Sadly no pictures were taken before he removed it. Oh that was a much needed laugh. Too bad you all weren't here to enjoy it but I'm sure you can paint a lovely picture. Oh I forgot one little detail the undies are inside out -  that makes it even better doesn't it. 

He then followed that escapade with the magicians cape over the inside out undies complete with hat and wand. 

Oh how I love days we get to stay home and relax. 

I don't have a picture of today but these escapades are pretty common in our world so here's a picture  from October 2011. He was testing out his Woody costume for Halloween. 

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