Saturday, October 12, 2013

Day 12 31 for 21 2013

This time seven years ago our family was anxiously awaiting Riley’s arrival. We had already had the amniocentesis and knew Riley would have Down syndrome we just didn’t really understand what that would mean. To say I was freaked out would be a major understatement. 

I don’t truly think I knew a single person with Down syndrome outside of our neighbor’s adult son. I had a few months left of the pregnancy to stew about what might be and to read that horrid book we were given from the hospital. That book did an excellent job of making me a neurotic mess. It outlined all of the health issues that kids with Ds face -everything from massive heart defects and increased risks of childhood leukemia to hearing and vision issues.

 I could barely picture what Riley would be like as a baby much think ahead to his school years. Once Riley arrived on scene things became a little easier but even then I had a difficult time looking too far into the future. I couldn’t picture Riley heading to school or birthday parties with his friends. I certainly never pictured the sassy, bossy little man with the quick sense of humor that he has become. His imagination and sense of humor keep life exciting to say the least.

 So today for your 31 for 21 reading pleasure I have a few small random snippets of life and conversations with Riley.

 Yesterday Riley and I went to the grocery store and I allowed Ri to bring his small bear into the store with us. We were trucking around picking out what we needed and I realize that Riley is making grunting noises. I look down at him in the cart and he is moving his bear out of the little cup holder in the kart and proceeds to tell me that his bear just went poop. I doubt the store had any idea how multifunctional that cup holder could be. 

Riley was waiting for Justin yesterday morning as he opened his bedroom door. He walks over to our bedroom door and yells Good Morning Honey! to me. 

This summer he had the lifeguard at the pool convinced that the babysitters name was Mary. Apparently Riley decided my name was equivalent to a swear word so anytime someone told him something he didn’t like he would roll his eyes and say OK MMARRY!!!  Riley didn't like being told not to jump in with out his life jacket so the sitter got the OK MAARY one than once. 

This summer when Justin’s parents visited from Florida he tormented his Grampa Tom by deciding to call him Granny.

 Riley was even able to get his jabs in before he was talking. One afternoon Rex was crying about something and Riley proceeds to make the signs for crying and then baby. Nothing like being mocked by your little brother and in sign language to top it off. 

There are tons of these stories that make me giggle. I’m sure you have one too so you can help with this post. Leave your own funny Riley story in the comments. Thankfully Riley wasn’t limited by my lack of imagination of what his life would be like. I still can’t attempt to imagine the crazy things that he will come up with next. We have learned to sit back and laugh and enjoy the ride though.

What... Don't you do your homework in a super hero mask??


  1. Ummm....anytime I see Riley and Ella together. I am either laughing or teary eyed. I have learned so much from these sweet kids....and their big brothers. Oh...she was sooo excited to have a "play date" with Riley...couldn't wait to tell me when I met the kids this morning. Just love them.

  2. As I think back I remember how pleased great grampa Rip was to give Riley rides on his walker. Also I remember having to hide the keys to the golf carts because Riley loved tp drive! Riley is also the only kid who can swim vertically under water with his mouth and eyes open! Grampa Tom and I enjoyed watching swimming lessons. Never a dull moment!


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