Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Day 16 31 for 21 2013

I knew it wouldn't last forever but I was hoping Riley's good streak at school might last a bit longer. After todays report the honeymoon is over.

 I had a few moms tell me about his behavior at church. There were seats being changed,  pews being almost climbed on/over and apparently he actually just left or at least tried to. Church is first thing after school starts so you know its going to be a long day when he kicks it off like that. 

 He has progressively been getting more and more demanding with his aides and simply refusing to work. He told one that he didn't have to do his work. When she asked why he simply replied "cause my family said".

 His teacher is possibly the calmest person I've ever met. She has high expectations of him and knows what he is capable of. He doesn't have much luck getting away with things but he is really outdoing himself trying to get out of work. He must have really pushed her today because not only did he have a frowny face on his chart he had to miss music class to stay back and do work.  He loves music so that is a big deal in his world. 

Homework time wasn't much better. When I asked him to get his back pack he disolved into sobbing tears on the kitchen floor. He pulled it together but yikes so sad to watch. 

That full moon can go away anytime!

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  1. Aw, buddy! I have to admit, though, I love the image of his sassiness in church...I'm sorry, but I do!! :)


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